Changing the Ring Doorbell Sound Outside: All You Need to Know

The Ring Doorbell is a compact and innovative device that alerts you audibly when someone is at your door.

Although the audible chime can confirm that the doorbell is functioning properly, it may not always be practical or necessary.

In fact, the playback sound can be confusing, irritating, and excessively loud. Therefore, you may be interested in disabling this chime.

Discover how to silence the Ring Doorbell’s chime and enhance your doorbell experience.

Currently, Ring does not provide the option to customize the sound that is played outside when someone rings your Ring doorbell. However, you have the option to completely disable this sound and explore a few clever alternatives as a workaround.

It is possible to Change the Sound of the Ring Doorbell Outside?

The Ring doorbell does not provide an option to change its sound, according to official information. This limitation applies even to Ring subscribers. Despite numerous requests from users, Ring has not indicated any plans to update its system to include this feature as of the end of 2019.

Living in a close-knit community like a condo can be challenging when everyone’s outdoor bells sound the same. It can lead to confusion and uncertainty.

Instead of constantly reaching for your phone whenever you hear the outdoor sound, you have the option to turn off your ring notifications.

In order to avoid confusion, there is a solution for changing the sound of the outdoor bell. Despite the official limitations, there is an alternative method to address this issue. However, it is important to note that before attempting any solution, the outdoor bell must be deactivated. The following section details how to disable or decrease the volume of your outdoor bell.

How to Disable the Sound of Your Ring Doorbell?

While a loud outside doorbell can startle the delivery guy, you have the option to adjust the volume according to your preference. In fact, you can even turn it off completely if you prefer a quieter experience. After all, the main purpose of a doorbell is to alert those inside the house, not to scare the visitors.

To disable the sound of your Ring doorbell, follow these steps:

  • Open the Ring app.
  • Select your Ring doorbell and go to settings.
  • Click on “Device Settings“.
  • Click on “General Settings“.
  • Click on “Volume Settings”.
  • Drag the “Doorbell Ringer Volume” setting to 0% on the left side.

What are the Ways to Change the Sound of Your Ring Doorbell Outside?

There are different ways to Change the Sound of Your Ring Doorbell Outside:

1. How can an external Echo be used to Change the outside sound?

Enhance your home security with Echo devices that double as doorbell chimes. When your Ring Doorbell is pressed, the Echo will play a doorbell sound, providing an extended alert throughout your home.

To optimize performance, follow these steps: first, disable the doorbell sound as previously explained. Then, connect the Echo device to a weather-resistant wall outlet outdoors, preferably in a porch area. For added security, consider installing multiple cameras to deter theft attempts. Your Echo device will provide a seamless and protected doorbell experience.

To ensure your Echo plays a chime sound when you press the doorbell, make sure the Ring doorbell volume is lowered and your Echo is set to play your preferred doorbell sound.

Steps to Take:

  • Open the Alexa app on your device.
  • Access the ‘Devices‘ section in the app.
  • Locate and click on the ‘Cameras‘ option.
  • Choose your doorbell from the list based on its name.
  • Now, select the ‘Announcement devices‘ option.
  • Make sure to click on your outdoor echo device to enable notifications.
  • Confirm that your outdoor echo device is selected by seeing a tick next to it.

When someone rings your doorbell, your outdoor Echo will play the sound of your choice instead of the standard Ring doorbell sound. This offers a much-improved option compared to relying on the default Ring doorbell sound.

2. How can Echo and custom Alexa routines be used to change the sound outside?

Maximize the functionality of your outdoor Echo by utilizing it as an announcement device. Alternatively, you have the option to create a custom routine in the Alexa app to integrate your device.

For instance, if you desire your routine to begin when someone activates your front doorbell, simply select the trigger option in the Alexa app, specifying the smart home -> front door (your doorbell).

You have the option to choose one or more actions. These actions can include playing music, such as the song “Still Waiting” by Sum41. Additionally, you can add an “Alexa says” statement, which can range from a standard response like “I’ll be there in 1 minute” to a more playful or even insulting remark.

This option provides greater flexibility compared to the previous method which uses built-in sounds. However, it does require a slightly more complex setup.

3. How can I use the Ring Chime to change the sound of my outdoor chime?

Enhance your ring devices with the versatile ring chime. This compact and stylish device serves as a speaker, allowing you to customize its location indoors or outdoors. Even if you don’t have a doorbell, the Ring Chime will still work seamlessly with your ring devices.

The Ring Chime offers a range of chimes to choose from, allowing you to personalize your Ring devices.

This device is particularly handy if you want to change the outdoor chime sound for your Ring Doorbell.

Using the Ring Chime is convenient and simple, with no complicated steps required.

To use the ring chime, you’ll need an outdoor socket for plugging it in. This may be inconvenient for those without an outdoor socket.

Furthermore, it’s important to place the socket in a shaded area and out of sight to prevent theft. After installing the ring chime, you’ll have access to a variety of tones to choose from in the chime tone library.

To customize your Chime Tones, follow these simple steps:

  • Open the Ring App on your smartphone.
  • Navigate to the Ring Chime Device.
  • Access the Chime Tones option to view a list of available tones.
  • Preview each tone and choose your favorite.
  • Adjust the sound level using the Volume Slider button.

4. How to wire up an external doorbell chime to change the sound?

Consider a unique solution as your fourth option. Before installing your Ring Doorbell, you likely had a wall-mounted doorbell chime unit for your previous doorbell.

You can reinstall this outside your house if you previously removed it during installation. If your Ring Doorbell is compatible with your chime unit, you can customize it to play sounds through the chime unit by adjusting the ‘Doorbell Type’ in the ‘General Settings’ of the Ring app.

This proposal may seem unconventional, but it presents an interesting idea for those who have a traditional doorbell sound and an external chime device. Ring suggests playing an external sound for guests, and it might be worth considering if your wiring permits it. This option could be advantageous for certain individuals.

Note: The Ring Doorbell Pro 1 and 2, along with the Ring Doorbell 1-4, are compatible with an external chime. However, please note that the Ring Doorbell Wired does not support an external chime.

What are the advantages of changing the alert sounds on your doorbell?

To easily distinguish your Doorbell notification from other alerts on your phone, consider choosing a specific type of Ring chime. Prioritize the sound of someone waiting to enter your home over ordinary messages and calls. Ensure you never miss an important visitor.

Furthermore, you have the option to choose diverse doorbell chime sounds for the different functions of your Ring Video Doorbell. This allows you to differentiate between someone ringing the doorbell to be let in and when the motion sensor is activated by someone’s presence at the front door without announcing themselves. This ability to use distinct sounds for each alert is a significant advantage.

How can I customize the notification sound on my Ring app?

Want to set different sounds for button pushes and motion alerts on your phone? No worries, you don’t need a Chime for that. Follow these simple steps in the Ring app:

  • Open the app and tap on the Menu icon (three horizontal lines) at the top left of the dashboard view.
  • Select “Devices” and choose the name of your doorbell.
  • Go to “Device Settings,” then “Notification Settings,” and finally “App Alert Tones.”
  • Now, you can easily select different sounds for doorbell rings and motion alerts.
  • If you have a Chime, you can even personalize its sounds right here.

Opt for the Silent option to mute alerts while still receiving visual notifications. However, it is recommended to set a tone for button pushes unless you have a Chime nearby, as it may result in missing important visitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the possible reasons for not being able to see Ring Holiday Chime Tones?

Ensure you have the latest version of the app to access holiday ringtones. Simply visit your app store and update the app if necessary. If you have already updated and still cannot find the holiday options, please allow some time for them to appear. It may take a few hours or until the next day for the options to populate. (For example, my Halloween Chimes list took about 24 hours to show up after an update.) Ring regularly updates its selection of special holiday sounds, including Halloween chime tones, Christmas chime tones, and even Thanksgiving tones.
Enhance your ringtone collection with added variety and creativity. In addition to the standard default sounds we are all familiar with, there are also enjoyable everyday options such as a soothing harp melody, a nostalgic ‘flashback’ sound, a classic ding-dong tone, a whimsical train whistle, as well as the timeless Westminster Bells or even playful dogs barking.

Do Ring Doorbells Offer a Variety of Tones for Alerts and Notifications?

The Ring Chime offers a wide selection of chime tones through the Ring app. Stay alert and informed with both ring and motion alerts.

What is the process for changing the nesting sound on a doorbell?

To change your Nest Doorbell ringtone, follow these steps:

1. Ensure that your Google Home or Nest app is up to date.
2. Open the Home or Nest app on your smartphone or tablet.
3. Select your camera or doorbell.
4. Go to Settings and you will find the option to change the ringtone.