Do Blink Video Doorbells Require a Subscription? (Monthly Fee)

Blink Video Doorbell Without Subscription

No, you do not need a Blink Subscription Plan to use any Blink products. You can store your video clips locally for free by using Sync Module 2 with a USB flash drive (sold separately).

Experience the incredible benefits of the Blink Doorbell’s free features: Motion alerts to keep you informed, Live View to see what’s happening in real-time, and Two-way audio for seamless communication.

We have conducted thorough research to provide you with a comprehensive comparison of the features included in each monthly plan and the potential benefits of skipping the subscription fees. Our aim is to assist you in making an informed decision regarding your security setup.

Discover all the advantages of Blink’s doorbell, from its cost-free features to the perks of subscribing to a Blink plan. This blog post delves into package detection, local storage, and subscription options, guiding you in determining whether a Blink subscription is the ideal fit for your needs.

Unlock the full potential of the Blink Video Doorbell with our subscription plans. While the basic features are free to use, upgrading to Blink Basic or Blink Plus offers enhanced security and peace of mind. Experience motion alerts, live view, and two-way audio, and gain access to even more comprehensive protection. Choose the plan that suits your home security needs and take control of your safety today.

Currently, there are two subscription plans available for Blink: the Basic plan and the Plus plan.

Basic Plan

The Basic plan closely resembles the Plus plan in terms of features. Unlike other companies that reserve superior services for their higher-priced plans, Blink differentiates its plans mainly by the number of devices allowed. Subscribers to the Basic plan receive motion-activated notifications and live-view streaming, just like non-subscribers. However, subscribers also benefit from motion-detection video recording and 60-day unlimited video history. This allows for immediate viewing of recordings and the ability to access them later for reference or sharing with law enforcement if needed.

The plan offers additional photos for comprehensive coverage and storage in the Blink Cloud. Customers on the Basic plan can also enjoy uninterrupted Extended Live Views with extended live feed durations.

Get the Blink Basic Plan for just $3 per month. It’s the perfect choice for those seeking an affordable subscription with all the essentials and without any unnecessary extras.

Plus Plan

Upgrade to the Plus plan and conveniently add unlimited devices. Although the cost increases from $3 per month to $6, the savings add up when you can include multiple devices without any extra charges.

Upgrade to the Plus Plan for added benefits and peace of mind. With an extended warranty, a 10% discount on Blink products, and the ability to sync with unlimited Blink devices, you can stay connected like never before.

But that’s not all – the Plus Plan also gives you access to unlimited video history, motion-detection video recording, and periodic photo captures.

And for those who register Mini cameras, enjoy extended live views with uninterrupted live feeds for longer periods of time. Make the most of your Blink security system with the Plus Plan.

FeaturesWithout planBlink Basic PlanBlink Plus Plan
PriceGet each device for just $3 per month, or save big by subscribing for only $30 per year.Get unlimited Blink devices for just $10 per month, or save even more with an annual subscription for only $100.
Number of devices supportedN/A1Connect as many devices as you need to your account without any limitations.
Motion-activated notificationsYesYesYes
Live view streamingYesYesYes
Motion detection video recordingNo, Record motion detection with Sync Module 2, exclusive for Live View.YesYes
Live view recording (does not include extended live views)NoYesYes
Extended Live View (available only for Mini and Wired Floodlight cameras)NoYesYes
60-day unlimited video historyNoYesYes
Optional local storage backupAvailable with Sync Module 2 and USB storage (sold separately)YesYes
Rapid video access (instantly watch your videos as soon as they’re recordedNoYesYes
Video sharingNoYesYes
Photo Capture (images captured periodically for more coverage)NoYesYes
Custom Snooze (temporarily pause motion alerts for up to 24 hours)NoNoYes
Person DetectionNoNoYes
10% off Blink devices on Amazon.comNoNoYes
Extended warranty coverageNoNoYes
Compare Blink Subscription Plan

Upgrade your Blink doorbell camera experience with a subscription. While the basic functions are available for free, subscribing offers enhanced security features to maximize your protection.

Share video recordings

Share your camera feed recordings with ease using Blink Basic and Blink Plus subscriptions. With video-sharing capabilities, you can conveniently send your video feed to neighbors, family members, or anyone else you choose.

Access and share video recordings from the past 60 days, and view live video feeds instantly on any device with a simple tap on the mobile app. Subscribers can also save motion alerts, utilize two-way audio, view live feeds, and capture photos directly on a connected USB flash drive.

Motion detection and video recordings

Activate your Doorbell’s camera in response to motion detection and instantly stream and record the camera feed directly to your smartphone.

Experience advanced motion detection technology powered by AI, offering customizable areas for enhanced security. Benefit from quick responses and package detection. Subscribers also enjoy access to a Night-vision camera, ensuring round-the-clock monitoring capabilities for your home.

With the Blink Video Doorbell app, take control of your security with ease. Define a grid of motion-detection zones and create up to two privacy zones for added peace of mind. Personalize camera sensitivity, rearming delays, and clip length to match your preferences.

60-day unlimited video history

Unlock the full potential of your Blink Doorbell with a 60-day unlimited video history. Safeguard your property and gather crucial evidence even months after it’s recorded. Monitor with confidence.

Customers often overlook the importance of reviewing video feeds until after the video has already been recorded. For instance, a neighbor might realize days later that a customer’s camera may have captured a crime on their property and inquire about relevant footage. In the past, security cameras typically deleted their footage after 24 to 48 hours. However, with Blink’s 60-day storage, customers can access and share their video recordings from a much earlier time period.

Save more on Blink products when you subscribe to the Plus plan! Get a 10% discount on purchases made on Plus, you can add devices to your plan at no extra cost. Start with the first device and gradually expand with the discount. Join the Plus plan today and enjoy greater savings and convenience.

Recording from a Blink Doorbell Without Subscription Using Sync Module 2

The Blink doorbell camera offers a significant advantage in terms of price, as it does not require a monthly subscription. Instead, you can achieve nearly the same functionality with a one-time purchase of the Sync Module 2 for just $35, along with the cost of a USB drive if needed.

However, it’s worth noting that video playback may be slightly slower compared to viewing videos from the cloud. This is because the app needs to retrieve the video via wifi from your Sync Module before it can begin playing.

The following devices are compatible with this solution:

  • Blink Doorbell
  • Blink Mini
  • Blink Outdoor Camera
  • Blink Indoor Camera Gen 2

Is a Sync Module necessary for the Blink Doorbell? Click here to find out.

To activate your purchased Blink Subscription Plans, follow these steps:

  • Link your Blink and Amazon accounts in the Blink app. Note: If you bought a Plus plan, it will automatically be applied to all your Blink devices when you link your accounts.
  • For Basic plans, you can attach them in the Blink app by tapping on Settings at the bottom right of the screen and selecting Blink Plans.
  • Then, go to Manage Blink Plans to see all your available plans and devices for attachment.
  • You can also visit Your Memberships and subscriptions to activate your plans.

In this video, learn how to set up a Blink subscription plan

Save on Blink security camera subscriptions with our low monthly fees compared to competitors.

  • Opt for the annual payment option and enjoy the equivalent of 2 months without any charge.
  • For a maximum of three devices, the Basic plan offers a cost of just $3 per device.
  • If you possess more than three devices, opt for the Plus plan and conveniently add as many extra devices as you require.
  • Acquire a Blink device, connect it to an account, and subscribe to the Blink Plus plan. Avail yourself of the 10 percent discount to purchase additional components and construct the ideal system for your needs.
FeaturesVideo Doorbell
Eligible for Basic PlanYes
Eligible for Plus PlanYes
Subscription cloud storage availableYes
Free cloud storage
 (any purchase date)
Compatible with Blink Subscription PlanYes
Blink Subscription Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Consequences of Canceling Your Subscription or Not Renewing the Free Trial?

When you choose to cancel or not renew your Blink subscription plan, please note that you will no longer have access to any of the subscription-based features once your billing cycle ends. However, you will still be able to use the Blink app, although your account will be changed to a free account.

Is it possible to save Blink videos without a subscription plan?

Regrettably, non-subscribers will be notified whenever their Blink device detects motion, and they can promptly access the live feed. Although some nimble users may be able to capture screenshots of the video, there is no capability to save it. However, both free trial users and subscribers have the option to save the content either to the cloud or local storage.

Do I need a Blink Subscription Plan to use my Blink Doorbell?

Blink products offer a range of standard features including motion alerts, live view, and two-way audio, all without the need for a subscription. However, for those who desire additional features, Blink Subscription Plans are available.

What is the billing schedule for the Blink Subscription Plan?

Upon the completion of the 30-day free trial, you will be invoiced according to your chosen subscription plan and the date of your purchase.