Does Eufy Doorbell Work with the Homekit?

Eufy Video Doorbell
Eufy Doorbell

Is the Eufy Video Doorbell compatible with HomeKit? Find out if this smart home device seamlessly integrates with Apple’s HomeKit. Get all the answers you need about the Eufy video doorbell’s performance with Apple’s HomeKit in this comprehensive article.

Please note that the Eufy doorbell is not currently compatible with Apple Homekit unless you utilize third-party software like HOOBS. While the doorbell works with other software and platforms such as Google Home and Alexa, Apple Homekit compatibility is not yet available.

How to add Eufy Doorbell to Homekit via HOOBS?


To easily integrate your Eufy Doorbell with Homekit using HOOBs, simply follow these steps:

Step1: Purchase HOOBS

HOOBS offers three convenient options for setup. The first is a physical box that can be connected to your network. The second option is a micro SD card that comes preloaded with HOOBS. Lastly, you can download the HOOBS image with a $7 donation. However, if you choose to purchase the SD card or download the image, you will also need to acquire and set up additional hardware, such as a Rasberry Pi, case, and power adaptor. To simplify the process, I opted for the standalone HOOBS box, eliminating the need for any additional hardware concerns.

Step:2 Install HOOBS in your Home

After purchasing HOOBS, the next step is to install it in your home. The installation process is simple: unpack the device and connect it to your network. Once it’s plugged in, visit their website at to initiate the installation.

The process itself is straightforward and guided by a wizard. You’ll set up a username and password, learn how to add devices to HOOBS and integrate them into your Homekit. Additionally, HOOBS can seamlessly work with your wifi network. The entire installation process typically takes no more than 10 minutes. With HOOBS, adding smart home devices becomes effortless, sparing you the need for manual configurations.

Step:3 Integrating Eufy Doorbell with Homekit via HOOBS

Here is how to add your Eufy Doorbell with Homekit via HOOBS:

  • Create a guest account on Eufy and link it to HOOBS.
  • Log out of the Eufy app and log in to your HOOBS website using your Eufy guest account details.
  • Ensure HOOBS is configured to your home network.
  • Once the configuration is successful, navigate to your Eufy plugin.
  • Add the doorbell to the plugin and enter the Eufy guest account details.
  • The doorbell should automatically appear on your home app.
  • Use the app to activate the camera when someone approaches and communicate through the doorbell.

Is it Secure to Integrate Eufy Doorbell via HOOBS?

Rest assured, adding your Eufy Doorbell to Homekit using HOOBS is a hassle-free process. HOOBS maintains a strong level of security, ensuring that your doorbell recordings are not accessible to them. Moreover, no security breaches or hacks have been reported concerning the Eufy doorbell.

With a substantial community of over a thousand individuals currently utilizing HOOBS to connect their Eufy doorbell to Homekit, there has been a notable absence of complaints. The doorbell seamlessly integrates with Homekit, delivering flawless performance as if it were directly connected.

Reasons to Invest in an Apple Homekit Compatible Smart Video Doorbell

Experience the convenience and security of an Apple HomeKit-compatible video doorbell. With the Apple Home app, you have complete control over your home’s security and convenience features all in one place.

But that’s not all. Our HomeKit video doorbells also come with iCloud storage for recorded footage, so you can keep track of what’s happening at your home even when you’re not there. And for added peace of mind, our models feature “HomeKit Secure Video”, encrypting and storing all your footage in iCloud.

What sets our top-of-the-line HomeKit video doorbells apart is their built-in actions. With just a few taps on your phone, you can control other smart home accessories like light bulbs. It’s the ultimate in convenience and security for your home.

Discover the benefits of an Apple HomeKit-compatible video doorbell and start enjoying the convenience and peace of mind it brings.

Do you need a Hub for Eufy’s Doorbell?

Eufy Doorbell Hub
Eufy Doorbell Hub

To use your Eufy doorbell, you’ll need the EUFY Homebase Hub. Acting as the bridge between the doorbell and your home network, it enables communication with other connected devices and grants access to control features.

With the EUFY Homebase hub, you can effortlessly monitor doorbell alerts on compatible devices, adjust doorbell settings, and receive notifications when someone is at the door.

Although some EUFY doorbells have built-in Wi-Fi and can connect directly to your home network, others require the Homebase hub for operation. To determine if your specific model needs a hub or not, refer to the EUFY doorbell manual.