Does Ring Doorbell Work with Apple HomeKit?

Introducing Ring, the cutting-edge American tech firm renowned for its innovative video doorbells and cameras. What sets them apart? Their seamless HomeKit integration across all their products. While they excel with Google Home, you might wonder – Does Ring Camera Work With Apple Homekit as well?

Is Ring Doorbell Compatible with Homekit?

Integrate your Ring doorbells with HomeKit effortlessly using HOOBS, the ultimate homebridge Hub. Simply connect the hub to your Home network, log in to the user-friendly interface, install and set up the Ring plugin, and voila! Enjoy seamless control of all your Ring products through HomeKit.

What is Apple Homekit?

Experience the power of Apple’s Homekit – the ultimate platform to control your smart home devices with just your voice. Picture this: with a simple “Hey Siri,” you have the ability to effortlessly illuminate your space, fine-tune the climate, and even control the blinds – all from the convenience of your Homekit-enabled iOS device. Say hello to your very own personal home assistant. Isn’t that incredible?

How can I integrate Ring Video Doorbell with Apple HomeKit?

Here is how to integrate your Ring video doorbell with Apple Homekit:

1. Setting up HOOBS on Your Network

Get your Hoob connected to your home network in a snap! Choose between an Ethernet cable or WiFi. And for all you Apple Homekit fans out there, the Eero Mesh Router is your perfect match.

2. Integrate HOOBS with HomeKit

Experience the power of HOOBS as you log in and enter the dashboard. This is where your HomeBridge server comes to life.

But before you dive into the world of plugins, let’s ensure a smooth pairing with HomeKit. It’s a breeze with HOOBS, offering a standard HomeKit pairing QR code right on the dashboard.

Simply open the Apple Home app, add an accessory, and scan the code using your iPhone camera. Once successfully paired, HOOBS will appear as a bridge accessory in the list of hubs and bridges in the Home app. To confirm, navigate to the House icon in the top left, scroll down to Home Settings, and explore the Hubs and Bridges section. And if you desire, you can even assign your HOOBS device to a specific room from there.

3. Installing the Ring Plugin

Installing the Ring Plugin

Get ready to supercharge your Hoobs system with the Ring plugin! Once installed, the system will restart and a sleek configuration page will pop up. The best part? Your email address, password, and refresh token will be right there at the top of the screen, making setup a breeze.

But hold on, before you enter your email and password, let’s talk about a game-changing feature called the “refresh token.” By generating this token with your Ring email and password, you’ll ensure that your sensitive information stays secure. Plus, it’s incredibly convenient because you won’t have to re-enter your email and password every time!

Once you’ve got your refresh token in place, you’ll notice a plethora of options to customize your Ring plugin settings. Want to control your camera sirens without clutter? No worries, we’ve got you covered. It’s all about simplicity and efficiency.

When you’re ready to take the next step and fine-tune your preferences, simply create a new refresh token and you’ll be good to go. Say goodbye to complicated setups and hello to seamless control with the Ring plugin for Hoobs.

4. Connect Your Ring account to the plugin

Connect Your Ring account to the plugin

Easily connect your Ring account to the plugin and access all your devices. Our plugin seamlessly integrates with Ring’s platform service, giving you the same control as the Ring app. No need to worry about entering a code every time with Ring’s two-factor authentication. Instead, generate a secure authentication token through our user-friendly interface for a hassle-free experience.

  • Click on the plugins menu icon located on the left side of the screen.
  • In the next column, select your HOOBS server instead of ‘Library’.
  • Find and click on the Ring plugin.
  • Once inside the plugin, click on Configuration.
  • Look for the Link Account button and give it a click.
  • A browser window will open, taking you to the official Ring login page. Enter your Ring login details (don’t worry, HOOBS won’t have access to this information).
  • Shortly after, you’ll receive a two-factor authentication code via email. Copy the code and paste it into the designated box on the plugin page.
  • At the bottom, click on the Save button.

The service will restart. If the code was entered correctly, all your Ring devices will now appear in HomeKit. Initially, they will be assigned to the same room as your HOOBS bridge, but you can easily reassign them to a different room if desired.

What are the benefits of integrating Ring and Homekit?

Take full control of your camera stream, lighting, and alarm system right from the Home app. With HomeKit integration for Ring devices, you can effortlessly manage your Ring HomeKit camera, doorbell, hub, secure video, and more. Streamline your smart home experience with ease.

1. Ring Camera and Homekit

Experience seamless integration with Ring cameras and HomeKit.

Access live stream footage and use the two-way audio feature effortlessly.

Receive motion-sensing notifications and view snapshots directly through the convenient Home app.

Enhance functionality by having your Ring doorbell chime via your HomePod.

2. Ring Alarm and HomeKit Integration

Elevate your home security with the Ring Alarm and HomeKit integration. Easily arm and disarm your alarm directly from your home app, and create customized automation for a seamless smart home experience.

3. Ring Smart Lighting with Homekit

Unlock the potential of your Ring products with HomeKit! Lights, fans, thermostats, and switches connected to the Ring bridge can now be controlled seamlessly as HomeKit accessories. Enjoy the convenience of integrating them into your existing smart home scenes and automation, creating a truly unified and cohesive smart living experience.

4. Ring and Homekit Notifications

Get notified in multiple ways with Ring and HomeKit! Receive alerts from the Ring sensor, motion notifications from your camera, and even have your Ring doorbell ring on your HomePods.