Hikvision Doorbell Not Connecting To WiFi

Are you struggling to connect your Hikvision doorbell to your Wi-Fi? Don’t fret, this is a common issue with many possible causes. One potential culprit is a lack of internet access, preventing your device from connecting to different networks. Fortunately, there are solutions. Try entering the correct password, reducing your bandwidth connection, resetting your doorbell, or updating its firmware to get back on track. Follow these steps to troubleshoot your doorbell and enjoy its full functionality.

Why won’t Hikvision Doorbell connect to WiFi?

Encountering difficulty connecting your Hikvision Doorbell to your existing Wi-Fi network is a possibility. There are several factors that may contribute to your doorbell’s inability to connect to Wi-Fi.

1. Wrong password

One frequent cause of connectivity issues is a password inconsistency between your Hikvision doorbell and your desired WiFi network.

2. Your device is connecting to an incorrect WiFi Band

It’s also possible that your device isn’t connecting to the right wifi band. For iPhone/iPad, the right wifi band is 2.4GHz, while for Android devices it’s 5GHz.

3. Insufficient bandwidth

Insufficient bandwidth is causing your doorbell to malfunction. Its inability to connect with your WiFi network arises because there’s not enough room for all data transmission at once. Other devices utilizing your doorbell’s frequency may interfere with its functionality.

4. When your router is too far from your doorbell

For optimal performance, ensure the router is placed within 25 meters of the doorbell. Distance is the key factor affecting connectivity, hence careful placement of the router is important.

5. Outdated firmware

If your doorbell is having trouble connecting to your Wi-Fi, it may be due to outdated firmware. Stay up-to-date by installing the latest firmware.

How to fix Hikvision Doorbell not connecting to WiFi?

Hikvision Doorbell

Having difficulty connecting your Hikvision doorbell to WiFi? There are a number of simple solutions you can try.

1. Ensure that your WiFi password is not wrong

Make sure to update your Google Home with your new Wi-Fi password by following these simple steps: Open the Home app, select Menu, choose Devices, find Your Device Name, and then select “Settings.” This will ensure that your Google Home is connected to the internet and functioning properly. Keep your connection secure and protected by staying up-to-date with password changes.

2. Make sure that your Doorbell isn’t too far from the router

If you’re using a 2.4GHz wireless router, you may experience connectivity issues between your Hikvision Doorbell and your WiFi network. This is because some routers transmit signals in both frequencies, but the 2.4GHz frequency has a shorter range of approximately 300 feet, while the 5GHz frequency covers a wider distance. To avoid such interference, you may need to adjust your network settings or upgrade your router.

3. Use the correct WiFi Band

WiFi Band

Ensure you are connected to the appropriate band by switching to the 2.4GHz network instead of the 5GHz network. To do this, navigate to Settings > Wi-Fi on your iOS device and click the (i) icon adjacent to your network name. Next, select “Change Band” and choose the 2.4GHz option from the menu.

4. Lowering home bandwidth usage

Insufficient bandwidth is causing your doorbell to malfunction as it cannot transmit data to your WiFi network. To fix this, ensure that other devices connected to your network are not using up too much data, which can hinder the connectivity of your Hikvision doorbell.

5. Resetting your Hikvision Doorbell

Reset Hikvision Doorbell

If you are experiencing difficulty connecting your Hikvision Doorbell to your wifi, resetting your device may effectively resolve the issue.

Reset your camera easily by holding down the button on its back for approximately 10 seconds until it emits a beep. Once the camera beeps, you’ll know it has reset successfully and the LED light will turn blue.

6. Upgrade the latest firmware

To successfully connect your Hikvision Doorbell camera to WiFi, begin with updating the firmware. Visit the Hikvision website to download the latest firmware and follow the instructions provided for installation. Occasionally, a simple WiFi network error can cause problems. However, if this is not the case, do not hesitate to reach out to Nest customer service for additional assistance.

7. Modifying your SSID or resetting your router

If troubleshooting your network doesn’t work, consider modifying your SSID (Service Set Identifier) or resetting your router and/or modem. If all other options fail, seek guidance from Google.

How to reset Hikvision Doorbell?

Learn how to reset your Hikvision Doorbell to resolve connectivity issues with WiFi effortlessly.

  1. Locate the reset button on the doorbell. It is usually located at the back of the device.
  2. Press and hold the reset button for 10-15 seconds until the doorbell’s LED light starts flashing.
  3. Release the button once the LED light starts flashing.
  4. Wait for a few minutes for the device to reboot and return to its factory settings.
  5. Use the Hik-Connect app to reconnect the device to WiFi and set it up again.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, it is important to troubleshoot your Hikvision doorbell if it is not connecting to WiFi. Though the issue can be caused by any number of potential problems, we’ve identified a few solutions that have worked for others having similar issues. Restarting your router, updating the settings within the app, and factory resetting are probably the best methods for resolving this problem.