How Can You Utilize Live View on Your Blink Doorbell?

Discover the unbeatable video doorbells from Blink – the go-to brand for smart homes. With top-tier features and wallet-friendly prices, their catalog is a no-brainer choice. And the cherry on top? The Live View option grants you a live peek at your property.

Get live access to your Blink Doorbell directly on your smartphone through the Blink App or enjoy the feed on an Alexa-enabled device like the Echo Show.

Enhance your security with a Blink Doorbell. See who’s at your door and stay alert with motion detection. Plus, enjoy the convenience of accessing a live view whenever you want. All Blink Doorbell models offer this feature.

Discover the effortless ways to access the Live View from your Blink Doorbell.

  • Seamlessly navigate through the Blink app.
  • Simply tap on motion detection notifications on your phone.
  • Harness the power of Alexa screen devices to display the live view.

How Can You Access Live View From Your Mobile Device?

Get a reliable WiFi connection for your phone and Blink Doorbell. Make sure your internet speed is 2 Mbps or higher for smooth video streaming. Don’t let poor WiFi stop you from using the live view feature.

Want to access Live View from your mobile device? Just download and install the Blink App on your smartphone and follow these quick steps to connect your Blink camera to your phone:

  • Download and install the Blink App on your smartphone.
  • Open the app and click the “+” sign in the upper right corner to add a new device.
  • Choose “Blink Video Doorbell” or the specific device you want to connect.
  • Use the app to scan the QR code on the back of your Blink Doorbell.
  • Add the doorbell to your existing system or create a new system if it’s your first Blink device.
  • Insert batteries into the Blink Doorbell and wait for the red LED to start blinking.
  • Tap “Continue” on the app to proceed with the setup process.

Access the Live View

Get started with your Blink Doorbell by connecting it to your smartphone. Once connected, open the Blink App for an amazing experience. Look for the camera preview in the app, and with just a tap on the video camera icon, you’ll be able to access the live view. If the video ends before you’re done watching, no worries! Just tap the video camera icon again and easily resume the live view.

Receive Motion Alerts

Receive instant motion alerts on your smartphone when the Blink Doorbell camera detects movement. Tap the notification to watch the live video and experience the action in real time. With Alexa-enabled Echo devices, you can even get audio notifications for added convenience.

Two-Way Voice Feature

Easily communicate with visitors at your door using Blink’s two-way voice feature. Just tap the microphone icon and start talking.

Some smartphones work like walkie-talkies with a push-to-talk feature. To answer your Blink Doorbell from your phone using this method, follow these simple steps:

  • Speak by pressing and holding the microphone button.
  • Listen by releasing the microphone button.

Unlock the full potential of your Alexa device with a built-in screen. Now, you can effortlessly access the camera’s Live View simply by asking Alexa. But first, let’s get started with a few simple steps.

  • Easily manage and control your Alexa devices with the Alexa App on your smartphone. Simply tap the menu icon (three horizontal lines) in the top left corner of the screen to access menu options.
  • From the menu options, select “Skills and games” to browse and manage available skills for your Alexa device.
  • Looking to connect your Blink Video Doorbell? Search for “Blink” in the search bar, then select “Blink Skills” from the results to find related skills.
  • If you already have a Blink device connected to Alexa, you’ll receive a notification. Tap on the notification while the Blink Doorbell LED is blinking red to seamlessly connect the camera to the system.
  • Once connected, you’ll receive notifications whenever someone triggers the doorbell. To view the live feed from your Blink Video Doorbell, simply say “Alexa, show Blink Doorbell.”
  • To end the live view, just say “Alexa, stop.” It’s that easy to monitor your front door and stay in control with Alexa.

Experience the convenience of two-way talk with Alexa, just like your smartphone. Get ready to communicate effortlessly with a sleek speaker icon instead of a microphone icon.

Here are the benefits of Access Live View on Blink Doorbell:

Experience peace of mind with Blink Doorbell’s Live View feature. Stay connected to your property in real-time and receive instant alerts when anyone enters your premises. Take control and react promptly to any situation that arises.

2. Perfect for Urgent Situations

Instantly access and view your videos and images with live view. No more waiting for transfers and storage. Perfect for urgent situations like immediate package pickups or monitoring restricted areas at home.

3. Monitoring Your Package Deliveries

Keep an eye on your package deliveries with the live view feature on the Blink doorbell. Stay updated in real-time, ensuring the safety of your packages, preventing theft, and tracking delivery times.

4. Keep an Eye on Intruders

Enhance Your Home’s Security with Blink Doorbell’s Live View Feature. Keep intruders at bay and capture any break-in attempts with our cutting-edge surveillance system. Rest easy knowing you have evidence to assist law enforcement if needed.

5. Monitor Your Home Security While You’re Out of Town

Keep an eye on your home while you’re away on vacation or a business trip with Blink Doorbell’s Live View feature. Stay reassured that everything is secure and well at home.

6. Keep an Eye on Your Kids and Pets

Keep an eye on your kids and pets with Blink Doorbell’s Live View feature. Even when you’re not at home, you can still ensure their safety and keep track of their activities. Perfect for busy parents and mischievous pets!

Unlocking the live view on your Blink Doorbell doesn’t have to be a challenge. Avoid common pitfalls with these simple tips. First, check your internet connection. A strong Wi-Fi signal is a must, so keep your doorbell within reach of your router. Don’t overlook this basic step! Another common mistake is forgetting to enable motion detection. This can prevent access to the live view feature. Finally, make sure you’ve installed the latest version of the Blink App. By following these quick checks, you’ll have smooth and seamless access to the live view.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Blink Video Doorbell’s picture quality?

Experience crystal clear video quality and enhanced night vision with the Blink Video Doorbell’s 1080p HD and infrared capabilities.

Is a Blink Subscription Necessary to Access Live View on Blink Devices?

No, watch Live View without a Blink subscription plan.

Is Blink’s Live View feature continuous?

Sorry, Blink doesn’t offer continuous live video feeds. Instead, the camera records 60 seconds of video when it detects movement. If you want to watch live footage in real-time, you’ll need to subscribe to the Blink service. But there’s good news for Blink Mini users with a subscription plan – they can enjoy extended live views for up to 90 minutes.