How Do I Reset Simplisafe Doorbell Camera?

Simplisafe’s video doorbell is your home security solution, combining cutting-edge technology and a modern design to ensure that you are securely guarded against any potential threats both inside and out.

Keep an eye on your front door from anywhere with SimpliSafe’s reliable video doorbell! Its wide-angle lens gives you a clear picture of who is visiting and its easy setup will have you up and running quickly. If your SimpliSafe Doorbell camera won’t reset don’t worry – the camera has built-in safeguards to keep it connected so that nothing slips by unnoticed!

Why you should consider resetting your SimpliSafe Doorbell Camera

Resetting your doorbell camera/video is an important part of keeping it functioning properly. Make sure that you take the time to go through this necessary reset process in order to keep your equipment running optimally!

Installing a doorbell camera can be tricky, potentially leaving you without the desired features of motion detection and night vision. Not only that, but your device could mysteriously disconnect – or even worse if you accidentally delete the app from your phone! Don’t worry though because with just a quick reset process all these issues will disappear.

Troubleshoot reset Simplisafe Doorbell Camera

1. Pressing the reset button

Quickly and easily reset your SimpliSafe doorbell camera by pressing the reset button for around 20 seconds – it’s a simple process that will get your device up and running in no time!

2. Unplugging And Plugging Of Camera

Unplugging and then plugging in your device is the key to performing a soft reset. This method preserves all of your current settings, unlike when you hit the ‘reset’ button for an extreme factory-level reboot!

3. Activating a new QR code

Restarting your SimpliSafe Home Security camera can be as easy as opening up the app and activating a new QR code! Simply wait for both lights on the camera to flash yellow and white, and you’ll have access to some of its amazing features.

Don’t worry, you won’t be left in the dark! Before taking on your setup project for the SimpliSafe camera, make sure to give yourself a well-lit workspace. You’ll benefit from audible clues along with needing to install software afterward – making resetting the factory settings much easier and less stressful than expected.

4. Reinstall your SimpliSafe Doorbell camera

Unlock the potential of your SimpliSafe Home Security App by diving into its main menu – select ‘Camera’ and then choose to do a reinstall. Get up close and personal with your chosen model as you tap on the bottom-left corner’s gear icon for an easy installation process!

It’s time to give your app some extra vision! Just tap “Add New Camera” and follow the steps through – it’s just like you’re setting up a new gadget out of its box. Once that’s done, connect your camera to Wi-Fi

5. Connecting to the wifi

To get connected, take a look through the list of WiFi networks and pick out yours. Enter your password with just one click to complete the setup – you’re good to go!

Is your camera flashing yellow? Connecting to WiFi doesn’t always mean connecting seamlessly to the internet. To ensure a successful connection, make sure your camera is in close proximity to the router and double-check that all web service protocols are running optimally.

If you see a red light flashing on your camera, it could be an indication that the correct WiFi network and password have not been entered. Check to confirm these details are accurate for a successful connection!

Experiencing connection issues with SimpliSafe Doorbell?

Lost connection? Make sure your Internet service is up to speed and ready for the camera’s attempt at establishing a link. If not, resetting the router should do the trick!

A red light flashing on your camera could point to an issue connecting it to Wi-Fi. Make sure you have chosen the correct Home Network and entered its password correctly – this shouldn’t be related to Internet connectivity anymore!

Scan Your new QR code

Generate a QR code with Get Code, then point your phone at it. Make sure you adjust the brightness on your smartphone device for best results – if handled properly, it will flash white light when completed successfully.

Accessing code from your phone has never been easier! Just select Get Code, which will generate the unique QR code. When you’re ready to unlock it, simply point and shoot with your smartphone device at full brightness – a white flash indicates success while providing effortless access every time.

Troubleshoot QR Code won’t scan during the installation

Ensure your device is blazingly bright and connected to the internet so you can confidently scan the QR code with no hiccups!

1. Capture the QR code by taking a screenshot

Snap a quick picture of the QR code by pressing both the Volume Down and Power buttons at once!

Share your QR code anywhere you’d like with ease! Simply take a screenshot from its location in the photo gallery of your phone, and attach it to an email to be sent straight to your personal inbox. Once there, make sure that image is enlarged by one-fourth of an inch for optimal scanning results

2. Adjust the brightness of the screen

Step into your phone’s device settings and crank up the brightness for a dazzling display!

3. Adjust the enlarged QR code image

Keep your smartphone close to the SimpliSafe camera lens and ensure both devices are powered on. Your QR code should appear prominently on the phone’s display, allowing for quick and easy setup.

To set your smartphone up, carefully draw it away from the camera until you’ve reached a foot of distance. Then let it sit – in just moments, your cam should be able to detect and read the QR code with ease!

Troubleshoot power issues of the SimpliSafe camera

If you’re having difficulty with your SimpliSafe doorbell camera, such as power issues, consider some self-help solutions before reaching out for technical assistance. Replacing the batteries in both the device and its keychain remote might just do the trick – it’s definitely worth a try! Still, need help? Get in touch with our support center to get back up and running quickly.

Solutions for unlocking a dead battery-operated door lock

With the SimpliSafe Smart Lock, you don’t have to worry about being locked out of your home. It uses your existing deadbolt so if ever needed, a key can quickly open up access again. Plus – receive notifications when battery levels start dropping and make sure power is never in short supply!

Exclusive Company

SimpliSafe guarantees superior home protection through its extensive selection of wireless cameras and video doorbells. With a variety of resolutions from Full HD to Ultra HD available, you can have the peace-of-mind knowing that your property is safeguarded in both hardwired or Wi-Fi-enabled setups.

With industry-standard security protocols, you can access and manage your SimpliSafe Wi-Fi cameras and video doorbells quickly through one convenient mobile app. Experience a simplified approach to home protection in no time!