How to Fix a Humming Doorbell

A doorbell can make different sounds depending on your choice of chime. However, have you ever heard your doorbell continuously hum? In some cases, this may be a minor thing. If the humming persists or is even louder, it can lead to different problems. In this article, we will guide you through everything to know about how to fix a humming doorbell.

How to fix a humming doorbell

Is a Humming Doorbell Normal?

The normal operation of the transformer typically causes a doorbell humming. It happens because the transformer’s iron core expands and contracts with the electrical current. Usually, this humming is not a problem, but if you notice a significant increase in volume or a change in pitch, it could indicate a potential issue with the transformer. While a humming doorbell transformer is generally safe, it’s a sign that there might be an underlying problem that needs attention to ensure the safe functioning of your home’s electrical system.

What Causes a Humming Doorbell?

A doorbell transformer might start humming for different reasons, but the most common one is magnetostriction, where the iron core does its thing with the current. Other regular causes include overloading and the secondary windings getting too hot, as well as wonky wiring or a button switch acting up. Some less common culprits are a funky chime unit or interference from other gadgets at home.

If you to find out what’s causing the hum, use a volt meter. Just watch out for those exposed wires to avoid any short circuits. If the transformer is pulling too much weight, swap it out quickly to avoid any more damage. While a humming doorbell transformer isn’t a cause for concern, it’s a sign that something might need fixing for your home’s electrical system to run safely.

Potential Problems from a Humming Doorbell

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As stated, a humming doorbell is not inherently dangerous, but it can be a sign of bigger problems. If left alone, it can lead to a variety of issues:

Fire Hazards

A humming doorbell transformer might spark fire risks if it’s worn down and fails to regulate voltage or amperage correctly. This could lead to electrical surges, putting the chime box or transformer at risk. Quick attention to issues like malfunctioning circuit breakers and loose terminals is key to preventing potential fire hazards.

Interference with Electrical Devices

The humming transformer can mess with other electrical devices through electromagnetic interference. If it’s too close to appliances or power lines, the humming sound might get louder, hinting at an underlying problem with the home’s electrical system. While not immediately dangerous, dealing with interference promptly is important for keeping the electrical system safe and reliable.

Electrical Shock Hazard

Transformers that are poorly installed or damaged can be risky, especially if they’re exposed to water or have exposed wires. It’s not safe to touch a humming doorbell transformer due to the high-voltage electricity it carries. Turning off power from the circuit breaker box before any work is crucial to avoid shocks, and checking loose connections is essential to prevent damage.

Noise and Health Impact

The constant hum from a buzzing transformer can be annoying and might even trigger headaches, adding to noise pollution. The buzzing, caused by the magnetostriction effect, might get louder based on load features. If the noise is loud and clear, it might be a sign of trouble, needing an electrician’s help to fix and prevent hazards.

Doorbell System Malfunction

Humming doorbell transformers can mess up the doorbell system, making it hard to hear someone at the door. This might mean swapping out the transformer. Also, the humming noise could signal an electrical issue, stressing the need for troubleshooting to find and fix potential fire or electrical shock hazards.

Noise Pollution and Quality of Life

A humming transformer adds to noise pollution, making home life less comfortable. It can disrupt concentration, sleep, and relaxation, especially if it’s close to living areas. Tackling excessive humming sounds is crucial not just for avoiding fire risks but also for making your living space more comfortable.

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How to Fix a Humming Doorbell

To fix your humming doorbell, you can try the following:

Check Voltage: First off, give the doorbell transformer’s wire terminals a check for enough electricity, aiming for the sweet spot between 120V to 220V. If it’s on the lower side, that’s a sign of not enough power reaching the transformer.

Inspect for Core Damage: Take a breather and turn off the doorbell’s circuit breaker. Now, take a peek at the transformer for any signs of a damaged core. Vibrations from electrical changes can stir up buzzing sounds over time.

Clean Terminals: Get rid of the gunk! Use some rubbing alcohol to clear away debris from both the doorbell and transformer terminals. It’s like giving them a spa day, promoting a smooth and solid current flow.

Address Stuck Button: If your doorbell button is playing hard to get, grab a toothpick or a nifty tool and clean out the debris. A stuck button could be the hidden culprit behind those humming sounds.

Monitor Electricity Usage: Keep a casual eye on the transformer’s electricity usage. If it starts acting up, especially noticeable in the terminals headed to the doorbell, it might be a sign of a transformer on the fritz. Think of it like your transformer joining the “overworked gadgets” club.

Following these steps helps troubleshoot and effectively resolve the humming issue with your doorbell transformer.

How to Reduce the Humming of a Video Doorbell System

In addition to a doorbell transformer, your video doorbell system can also end up humming continuously. To fix humming in your video doorbell, check for loose screws or wires and tighten them with the power off. If the humming continues, replace the malfunctioning transformer with a compatible one. Reduce electrical interference by adding a noise filter between the transformer and the doorbell. Prioritize safety, follow precautions, and think about regular maintenance or upgrading for a quieter and more reliable system.


In conclusion, a humming doorbell is not a huge problem but can lead to large issues if left unattended. Some problems it can result in include fire hazards and technical malfunctions. When it comes to fixing a humming doorbell, there are different things you can do. This includes inspecting the internal components and cleaning out the doorbell. If you ever have a humming doorbell, consider checking a quick check-up to ensure everything runs smoothly and no problem develops.

A humming doorbell is one of many technical issues you can end up facing. Generally, there are many ways to maintain a doorbell. One way you can learn to maintain it is to learn how to deal with an offline doorbell. Aside from this, you can learn the differences between doorbells like a wireless VS wired doorbell.