How To Keep A Ring Doorbell From Fogging Up?

Does your ring doorbell fog up a lot? A ring doorbell fogging up is not an uncommon occurrence. As a gadget that’s exposed to the elements, a lot can happen to a ring doorbell. In this article, we will be exploring how to keep a ring doorbell from fogging up and everything related to it.

Why Does a Ring Doorbell Fog Up

If your Ring camera or doorbell fogs up, it’s likely due to changes in temperature and humidity. Humid conditions cause moisture to accumulate on cooler surfaces like the camera lens, creating foggy visuals. The flat plastic face cover over the lens creates an air gap, promoting condensation. Ring cameras aren’t fully waterproof, allowing some moisture inside, but excessive dampness can damage the device and impact its performance.

Ways to Keep A Ring Doorbell From Fogging Up

how to keep a ring doorbell from fogging up

There are different ways to keep your ring doorbell from ending up foggy. Some of the best ways to keep your doorbell clear are as follows:

Position the Doorbell Camera Properly

One reason for fogging issues could be the doorbell’s placement. Improper placement can create foggy spots on the camera, affecting its performance. When installing your Ring Doorbell or camera, choose locations that enhance security and doorbell functions.

To prevent fog, move your device away from shaded areas, letting it catch morning sun for faster warming and dew removal. Avoid placing it near heat or moisture sources like dryer vents, HVAC equipment, and water pools. Even a slight adjustment in direction can greatly improve your smart home tech’s efficiency, ensuring it stays clear of fog.

Do Regular Cleaning

If placement doesn’t help, you can prevent fogging by regularly cleaning the camera lens with a microfiber cloth. Wipe away dirt and debris to prevent fogging issues and ensure optimal performance. Taking a moment to clean your Ring Doorbell daily may seem small, but it greatly contributes to the device’s longevity and efficiency. Use a soft, clean cloth, preferably microfiber, for effective lens cleaning and to keep your Ring device working seamlessly.

Place the Camera Next to a Heat Source

To prevent fogging in low-temperature areas, consider placing your Ring camera next to a heat source. This helps keep the camera lens warm, preventing condensation. Ensure a safe distance between the camera and the heat source to avoid any damage.

Apply Anti-fogging Spray

Another option to prevent fogging is to try applying an anti-fogging spray, similar to what you might use for glasses. These sprays use a special formula to prevent moisture buildup on thin surfaces, such as camera lenses.

Before applying, check the instructions on the bottle for guidance on the quantity and frequency of application. When spraying, be cautious about the nozzle placement to avoid any product getting under the camera lens. This simple method can help maintain clear visibility on your Ring Doorbell, much like it does for eyeglasses.

Waterproof Your Ring Doorbell

To enhance the durability of your Ring cameras against the elements, consider waterproofing them. Despite their sturdiness, Ring cameras are exposed to the weather, and even the best-made devices can develop leaks over time. While you can’t make the camera itself stronger, you can protect it with silicone sleeves available for purchase.

These sleeves vary from snug wraps to purpose-built housings resembling birdhouses for your smart camera, and they come in various colors and styles to match your home decor. These silicone coverings act as an external shield, keeping water out of your Ring device and also helping to maintain a more stable temperature, reducing the likelihood of fog formation.

ring doorbell fogging up

How Else to Care for a Ring Doorbell

Generally, a ring doorbell can go through a lot and there are different ways to maintain it. Aside from fogginess, it is helpful to watch over the battery. A ring doorbell battery generally lasts long. However, due to the elements that the gadget faces, the battery can deplete quickly. While it can also be due to technical issues, the impact of the weather is more common. Just as there are different reasons behind a quick battery drain, there are ways to prolong it. One of the common ways to prolong the battery is to adjust the settings. With proper care, a ring doorbell battery can last longer than expected.

Other Doorbell Issues to Watch Out For

In addition to the issues listed above, doorbells in general can face a variety of problems. Whether you have a wired or wireless doorbell, it can end up ringing by itself. A doorbell ringing randomly without someone pressing it can be caused by several things. These causes can range from a sticky button to a frequency interference. Depending on the cause behind the issue, there are different ways to fix the issue. If all else fails, you have the option to call a technician or get a replacement.

Other Doorbell Camera Options

If you find yourself uncertain of continuing to use a ring doorbell, there are other options available on the market. Doorbells, in general, come with a variety of options, especially in terms of features. Doorbell cameras, in particular, have its own set of options. Choosing one among many of the options available can be difficult. Even if you know what you want, there are different factors to consider. Depending on the conditions of your home and network, there is at least one perfect option to install.

foggy ring doorbell


A foggy ring doorbell is an issue that is not uncommon and can be dealt with in many ways. The simplest way to deal with the problem is a routine cleaning but you can also apply an anti-fogging spray or waterproof the camera if needed. Generally, there are a lot of ways to care for a ring camera. However, if you are continuously struggling with the gadget, you have the option to get an alternative doorbell with a camera to fit your needs. Overall, while a ring doorbell can get fog over it, there are ways to deal with it and alternative options if you prefer it.

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