How to Protect Your Ring Doorbell From Theft

Are you aware your Ring doorbell can be at risk of theft? There are different reasons that a thief wants a ring doorbell. How can you prevent this? There are various ways to keep your doorbell safe, and in this article, you can learn how to protect your ring doorbell.

how to protect your ring doorbell

How to Protect Your Ring Doorbell From Theft: Why do Ring Doorbells Get Stolen?

Video doorbells have become popular additions to home security systems, but their visibility and high cost make them common targets for theft. Mounted prominently on the exterior of homes, these devices are easily identifiable and accessible to potential thieves.

Even though removing them might require tools, it’s a relatively quick and straightforward task. Once stolen, video doorbells are easy to sell, making them attractive targets. Moreover, their absence can leave homes vulnerable to further security breaches, as thieves may exploit the opportunity to commit additional crimes.

Is a Ring Doorbell Easy to Steal?

Determined thieves can swiftly steal Ring doorbells, despite their back-plates for secure mounting. They achieve this by removing the security screw located beneath the doorbell, granting access to the anchor screws and enabling easy removal from the wall. Alternatively, thieves may opt to pry the doorbell off its mount, a task accomplished in mere seconds.

Additionally, concerns arise about the theft of the rechargeable battery in Ring Doorbell 2 models. Although stealing the battery is feasible, the doorbell continues to function, capturing footage of the perpetrator. This situation prompts further security considerations.

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How to Protect Your Ring Doorbell: Steps You Can Take

Properly Mount Your Doorbell

When installing your doorbell, prioritize secure and permanent mounting methods to deter theft. Avoid using temporary or light-duty mounting hardware, such as double-sided tape, as it offers little protection against theft. Instead, utilize security screws and backplates provided with the doorbell to securely attach it directly onto the doorframe or exterior wall of your home.

These measures significantly reduce the risk of thieves easily pulling down the camera and absconding with it. By requiring tools and making removal more challenging, security screws act as a deterrent against opportunistic theft, enhancing the overall security of your property.

Use a Protective Cover or Mounting Plate

Using a protective cover or mounting plate can significantly enhance the security of your video doorbell. By concealing the security screws and limiting access to the device, these protective measures deter potential thieves from tampering with or stealing the doorbell.

Even if determined burglars attempt to remove the security screws with tools like screwdrivers or crowbars, the added time and effort required increase the risk of detection and damage to the doorbell. This increased difficulty strongly deters theft, reducing the chances of unauthorized individuals stealing or repurposing your doorbell.

Attach to Rendering or Brickwork

To prevent theft of your Ring doorbell, it’s crucial to securely attach it to the wall. Using large screws to fasten the device to the brickwork or rendering provides a sturdy mounting that deters thieves. This simple yet effective measure significantly increases the time and effort required to remove the doorbell, discouraging opportunistic theft.

By investing the extra effort in proper installation, you create a formidable barrier against would-be thieves who often seek quick targets. This proactive approach helps safeguard both your Ring doorbell and your property from theft.

Monitor Your Notifications

Monitoring your doorbell notifications promptly is essential for maintaining home security. If you receive an alert from your doorbell, investigate it immediately, as it could indicate a potential intrusion attempt. By checking the notification promptly, you may thwart a thief’s initial efforts or identify suspicious activity before it escalates.

Additionally, regular monitoring allows you to track visitors to your home. You can also stay informed about who is at your door, even when you’re away. Ensuring that you receive notifications whenever the doorbell is activated provides added peace of mind. Aside from this, it enhances your ability to respond effectively to any security concerns.

Secure Your Home Wi-fi

Securing your home Wi-Fi network is crucial for protecting your smart devices from potential hacking and unauthorized access. Many people overlook the default passwords on their devices, leaving them vulnerable to exploitation by hackers. Once a thief gains access to your device, they can potentially retrieve sensitive personal data. Furthermore, they can infiltrate your entire home network, compromising the security of all connected devices.

To bolster network security, it’s essential to change default usernames and passwords on your video doorbell and other smart devices. Restrict access to your network and doorbell to trusted individuals only, and consider implementing additional security measures such as encryption protocols and network monitoring. Safeguarding your Wi-Fi network helps prevent unauthorized access to your devices, reduces the risk of theft, and enhances overall home security.

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What to do if Your Doorbell is Stolen

If you find your video doorbell stolen, take immediate action. Report the theft to the police right away. Afterward, refrain from entering your home until they arrive, as the thief may still be present. Fully cooperate with the police by providing any useful information or evidence, such as photos and cloud storage footage. Although video doorbells lack GPS, recorded footage can help identify suspects. Check if your doorbell has a warranty to reduce losses and promptly inform your insurance company if it’s insured.

Taking swift action after a stolen video doorbell can aid in its recovery and minimize losses. Notify the police promptly, document the theft with photos, and cooperate with investigations. Even without GPS, recorded footage can assist in identifying suspects. Explore warranty options and contact your insurance provider to alleviate the financial impact.


To conclude, Ring doorbells make easy targets for theft due to their value. It is relatively easy to dismount the doorbell and thus it is important to know how to protect it. Some of the ways to protect a ring doorbell is with the proper mounting and coverage. Generally, there are different ways to watch out for your Ring gadget.