Is Eufy Doorbell Work With Alexa?

Connect Eufy Doorbell to Alexa

Want to make sure your Eufy Doorbell is compatible with Amazon’s Alexa? With the Echo Dot, accessing Alexa on all your home devices is easier than ever. But before you start pressing buttons and giving voice commands, read our brief guide to ensure seamless integration between your doorbell and Alexa.

Eufy Security is now compatible with Alexa! With just the Eufy Security Skill, you can easily access your Eufy Security cameras and view live footage by simply speaking to Alexa.

Compatibility of Eufy Doorbell with Amazon Echo

Absolutely! The Eufy Genie Smart Wi-Fi doorbell is Alexa-enabled and is compatible with all popular Echo devices. With the Genie, you can access all the voice commands available on your Amazon Echo speaker and easily control your doorbell if you have an Echo or Alexa Dot. It’s a seamless integration to elevate your smart home experience.

Discover the smart doorbell that seamlessly integrates with your other home technology. EUFY is the ultimate option available on the market today. Not only that, but it also supports compatibility with Alexa. Rest assured that the EUFY doorbell is compatible with most major smart-home devices, giving you the ability to use simple voice commands to operate your doorbell.

What You Need to Know About Eufy and Alexa Integration

Eufy Video Doorbell

Integrating your EUFY doorbell with Alexa can be done easily with these simple steps. Begin by enabling Alexa skills from Amazon’s Alexa Launchpad, which can be done with a quick click of the “Enable Skill” button. Once that is done, update your EUFY app to ensure a seamless connection with Alexa. To authorize and sign in, use your Amazon account details. Lastly, say “Alexa, discover devices” to complete the process of adding EUFY to your Alexa smart-home device list.

Receive a complete Eufy doorbell hardware kit to begin right away. The comprehensive package comprises the doorbell (in white) together with a compact charging stand, a wired power adapter that includes sockets for both the doorbell and charging a user guide, and an information card. Simply download the free Alexa companion app from Amazon to integrate your electronics with Alexa and start using the doorbell with ease.

Take charge of your EUFY Doorbell with just your voice! Simply say “Alexa, turn on the front door” and let it do the rest. But that’s not all – the Eufy device is compatible with all Alexa-enabled smart home devices, giving you ultimate control over your household appliances. Plus, you can effortlessly manage other gadgets through the app with voice commands or push notifications. Just make sure that your device is properly linked to the Internet to receive all the alerts without fail.

Connecting Eufy Video Doorbell with Alexa

To connect Eufy and Alexa, follow these steps:

  • Open the Alexa app and slide the side menu.
  • Select “Browse Skills.”
  • Navigate to “Skills & Games” and locate eufySecurity.
  • Set up the eufySecurity app as a skill in Alexa.

To integrate eufySecurity into your Alexa, simply enable it as a skill in a few easy steps. First, link your account by entering your credentials. Once linked, you can easily discover your installed devices and select the Eufy doorbell.

After completing this setup, you’re almost done! The final step is to configure your Alexa settings. Customize which announcements you’d like to receive or other similar commands. With just a few clicks, your Eufy doorbell is now fully connected and ready to use with Alexa.

Take control of your Eufy Doorbell with just your voice! Simply launch the Alexa app and say, “Alexa, turn on my porch light.” Experience effortless convenience like never before.

By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to seamlessly connect your Eufy security system to Alexa for enhanced convenience and control.

Enhance Your Home’s Safety and Comfort with a Eufy Doorbell. Seamless integration with your existing smart home devices makes this innovative technology an essential addition. Enjoy features such as push-button on/off and nighttime alarms. Upgrade your home security with Eufy.


In conclusion, the Eufy Smart Wi-Fi doorbell is an Alexa-enabled device that allows you to easily integrate voice control into your home. With its wide range of features and functions, integrating a Eufy doorbell with Alexa is an easy process that requires only a few steps to complete. Not only does this provide great peace of mind for those concerned about safety, but it also provides great convenience in controlling your doorbell without lifting a finger.