Is it Possible to Connect Two Phones to a Ring Doorbell?

Connect your Ring Doorbell to multiple phones with ease! Share access from a single account or have multiple users log in from different devices. It’s simpler than you think!

Can a Ring Doorbell Connected to Multiple Phones?

Connect multiple phones or devices to your Ring doorbell for added convenience. No need to limit yourself – add as many devices as you want and they’ll all work seamlessly. Easily share access to your Ring account with others by sharing your login credentials. Grant them the ability to view activity and notifications from the shared account. Alternatively, simply provide your Ring Username and password and let them manage the account independently.

How can I connect my Ring Doorbell using the Shared Users feature?

Grant access to view videos and respond to rings without the ability to delete videos. Open the Ring app on your phone or the phone of the person who has it. Tap on the Ring Doorbell icon in the top-left corner of the screen. Navigate to “shared users” and choose “add user”.

Enter the email address of the person you want to add and click “OK”. Their email address will appear in the list of “shared users” with a status of “pending invite”

Share a Ring Doorbell easily by sending an email invite with a clickable link. Your recipient will be asked to create a Ring account by entering their email and password. Once they’ve completed this step, they can install the Ring app on their phone and log in using their credentials. It’s that simple!

They will have instant access to the Ring Doorbell you shared with them.

What Accesses Have Been Granted to the Shared User?

Never miss a visitor at your door with the ability to answer the doorbell and receive instant alerts whenever someone presses the button or the motion sensors on your cameras are triggered.

With a Ring Protect Plan, you also have the option to watch and playback saved videos for added convenience.

Customize your notifications by enabling or disabling them on your smartphone, tablet, or PC, ensuring you only receive updates that matter to you.

Easily save videos directly to your preferred device, whether it’s your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer.

For added security, utilize smart locks and/or Ring Alarm systems to conveniently arm and disarm your home.

What Accesses Aren’t Granted to the Shared User?

Unable to delete videos? Remove all devices from your account! Change or adjust any device settings. Plus, add more Shared Users!

How Can You Easily Log Into Your Single Ring Doorbell Account?

Experience the convenience of accessing all functions across multiple devices with just one account. It’s a breeze to set up! Simply have your trusted person download the Ring app and log in using your credentials.

Once connected, they’ll have seamless access to perform any action they can, such as deleting videos, tweaking settings, and even sharing with other users.

Think of it as sharing your Netflix password but with even more control. Like having access to all profiles, granting access to your Ring Doorbell empowers your trusted person to make changes effortlessly. While the Ring Alarm system offers additional security measures, the Ring Doorbell offers a more open and unrestricted approach.

Choose this method only for those you trust completely and want to grant full access to. However, if you have any doubts whatsoever, it’s best to pause and utilize the shared feature instead.

Keep in mind that sharing your login credentials puts you at risk, as the person with access will have control over your ring doorbell and any other connected devices.

Which Smart Home Devices are Compatible with the Ring Doorbell and App?

Smart Phones

Connect with Ring Doorbell easily and quickly using your Android or Apple smartphone. No matter what phone you have, our app is compatible. Download for free from the Play Store or App Store and be connected within seconds.


Unlock the potential of your tablet with the Ring Doorbell! Download the Ring app and gain immediate access to this revolutionary device. No matter your operating system, you can experience the convenience and security the Ring Doorbell offers.

Upgrade your video viewing experience with a larger screen – perfect for viewing footage with ease. However, please note that certain older tablets may experience audio limitations due to a lack of built-in microphones. But don’t let that deter you from maximizing the benefits of the Ring Doorbell with your tablet!

Smart TVs

Connect your Ring Doorbell to a wide range of smart devices effortlessly. Control everything from your Android and iOS mobile devices, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Google Chromecast, to even Samsung Smart TVs with the convenient Ring app.


Unlock the power of Alexa with the Ring Doorbell. While the Doorbell itself doesn’t offer video capability, fear not! The Ring Video Doorbell is fully compatible with Alexa Spot, Alexa Show, and Alexa Smart TV.

Setting up this system is a breeze. Simply log on to the Amazon Alexa app and choose the Ring Video Doorbell option. Alexa will then search for all Ring-compatible devices, making the process seamless.

But wait, there’s more! If you encounter any issues, you can take matters into your own hands. Access the home screen on the Ring app, select “Smart Home”, click on “Add Device”, and choose your device when it appears. Activate Alexa by requesting it to open your device, and voila! You’ll be treated to a live feed from your Ring Video Doorbell.

Google Home and Chromecast

Ring doorbell seamlessly integrates with Google Home and Chromecast, offering a powerful combination. However, it’s important to note that there might be compatibility challenges between these two products. With Google Home, you can effortlessly control all your devices using the intuitive Google Assistant. This innovative device not only provides voice search capabilities but also simplifies home automation, allowing you to save time and enhance convenience in your daily life.


Upgrade your smart home with Ring Doorbells, now compatible with the advanced “If This Then That” (IFTTT) systems. Unlock endless possibilities for automation and customization.

Ready to get started? Simply download the IFTTT system from your app store and follow the easy setup instructions. Create an account, add Ring Doorbell, and revolutionize your smart home experience.

Can the Ring app be installed and used on more than one phone simultaneously?

Share your Ring access with your family members effortlessly! Simply download the Ring app on both phones and follow the prompts. This allows them to effortlessly view live footage from your Ring doorbell and easily answer calls or chats from visitors. To do this, sign in as a new user or set up a separate account on the second device. With this easy setup, both phones can access the app and enjoy live footage from the doorbell.

Can Multiple Ring Doorbells Be Linked with a Single Subscription?

Upgrade your home or business with Ring doorbells – now connecting up to 10 with a single subscription! Perfect for larger spaces. Share your account easily, with no extra charges. Plus, get peace of mind with two phone connections. Use one as the main controller and the other as a backup in emergencies. Access all Ring Doorbell features, even if your main phone is out of reach.