Is the Vivint Doorbell Powered by Battery or Hardwired?

Introducing the Vivint Doorbell – a hassle-free, wireless solution. No drilling is required for hardwiring. Simply remove the old batteries located below the sensor and replace them with two CR2032 batteries, effortlessly.

Stay connected and informed about all activities happening at your doorstep, no matter where you are. The Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro is an innovative smart gadget designed to provide you with complete visibility and control.

Not only does this exceptional tool record any potential crimes, it actively works to deter them. It aligns perfectly with our organization’s mission to ensure your safety and peace of mind.

What Are the Top Features of the Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro?

There are the following top features of the Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro:

1. Expansive 180 x 180 Field of View

Field of View

Experience the ultimate clarity and visibility with the Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro. Boasting an expansive field of vision measuring 180 square inches by 180 square inches, this camera captures every detail of your visitors and their actions at your doorstep. Unlike its competitors, Vivint offers industry-leading height and a wider field of vision, ensuring nothing goes unnoticed. With sharp infrared night vision and 1080p HDR quality, this camera produces crystal-clear images that leave nothing to the imagination.

2. Day and Night Vision

The Vivint security system sets itself apart by providing a clear and vivid view even in low-light conditions. Unlike other doorbell cameras, it offers 24/7 visibility, allowing you to see anyone approaching your home at any time. It achieves this with two LED sensors that produce infrared vision at night. This infrared vision is less visible to those approaching the house, ensuring discreet monitoring during nighttime hours.

3. Deters any Attempted Robbery

The doorbell at your doorstep is designed to thwart package thieves. Upon detecting any suspicious activity, it promptly triggers an LED ring and a 65 Db siren, startling potential burglars and exposing their wrongdoing. This robust system effectively deters any attempted robbery, ensuring the safety of your belongings.

4. Customizable Zones

Ensure peace of mind and prevent false alarms with our product’s unique customization feature. Take control of your home entrance surveillance by defining specific regions to monitor. Enjoy protection without unnecessary disturbances from pets or pedestrians.

5. Instant Notifications

Enhance Your Home Security with the Vivint Smart Home App. Receive Instant Notifications and Doorbell Chimes When Someone Approaches Your Door. Rated 4.6 on Google Play Store and 4.5 on Apple Store. Get Peace of Mind Today.

6. Recording and Store Video

Capture, record, and store every activity at your doorstep with our advanced camera technology.

7. Way Talk

Stay connected with your visitors no matter where you are. Experience high-quality live streaming and recording with the advanced 1080p HDR sensor. Enhance communication with a powerful 65 dB speaker for crystal-clear, two-way interactions.

8. Smart Lock Integration

Our innovative smart lock integration offers the convenience and security you’ve been searching for. With a simple touch, you can effortlessly lock or unlock your door, granting access only to those you trust. Say goodbye to awkward encounters with unwanted visitors or strangers. You can also conveniently operate your garage door with ease.

9. Voice Command Integration

Seamlessly connect with popular smart home platforms like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for convenient voice control functionality. Speak your commands and let the system interpret them effortlessly.

10. Smart Clips

Introducing “Smart Clips”: Record up to 90 seconds of uninterrupted content with ease. Upgrade for continuous security recording 24/7 for a whole month.

Is Vivint’s Doorbell Battery-Powered or Hardwired?

Say goodbye to the hassle of hardwiring with the Vivint Doorbell Pro. This innovative camera operates wirelessly, powered by replaceable batteries that last an impressive 3-5 years. Once you replace them, forget about battery maintenance for the next few years.

Even during power outages, the Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro has your back. It will promptly notify you with a low-battery message, ensuring you never miss important visitors or deliveries.

The best part? This camera’s wireless connection allows you to stay connected and monitor your doorstep even when you’re away.

Eliminate the need for wall drilling by simply replacing the old batteries with a wireless alternative. Two units are required for this setup. Additionally, you no longer have to constantly check your phone for battery depletion. Receive notifications when the battery is running low, allowing for effortless usability.

How to Change the Batteries in Your Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro?

Here is how to replace your Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro:

  • Purchase four Triple-A batteries.
  • Slide the door cover up from the inside of your door and turn off your door lock.
  • Remove the old batteries and insert the new four alkaline Triple-A batteries.
  • Replace the battery pack by pulling it up and out. Also, put the cover back on your door lock.
  • Dispose of the old batteries in a responsible manner.

Are the Batteries in Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro Replaceable?

The Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro offers the convenience of a replaceable battery, setting it apart from other wireless cameras that require wiring or lack this feature. You will be alerted when the battery is running low, and the notification will inform you of the remaining operating time before the camera shuts down, in the event that replacement batteries are unavailable.

Is it Possible to Use the Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro Without Service?

The Vivint doorbell camera is exclusively compatible with the company’s monitoring service, preventing any third-party alarm monitoring interference. Attempting to introduce another monitoring service to the camera will result in rejection by the device.

What Should You Consider Before Purchasing a Wired Doorbell Camera?

Invest in the security of your home with a wired doorbell camera. It’s affordable, easy to install, and packed with safety features to protect your home. However, it’s important to consider the limitations of these cameras before making a purchase.

Unlike our top picks, some wired doorbell cameras may lack essential features such as night vision and motion detection, making them less effective for ensuring your home’s safety. Additionally, while these cameras are straightforward to use, they may not offer the same reliability and versatility as our recommended alternatives.