Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue While Charging: Quick Fixes

The blue flashing light on a Ring Doorbell means it’s either charging, connecting to Wi-Fi, or has been set up successfully. It can also signal that the front button has been pressed the device is booting up, restored to factory settings, or the speaker has been enabled.

Learn how to solve the Ring Doorbell flashing blue light issue in this blog post. Whether you’re a new user or a seasoned one, discover effective solutions to keep your device charged and fully functional. Don’t miss out on this essential troubleshooting guide.

Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue

Is your Ring doorbell flashing blue? There may be a technical issue that is preventing the device from updating the battery level in the Ring app. This can happen if there is a disruption in the app’s connection to your doorbell or if the app itself has a bug.

Unfortunately, a flashing blue light usually indicates a problem with your system. If your doorbell is working properly and hasn’t had any recent changes, it shouldn’t be flashing at all.

However, your Ring doorbell has different flashing patterns that it may use to signal a system error.

Ring Doorbell Flashing on and off Every Second

Is your Ring doorbell flashing on and off every second? It’s likely restarting or rebooting.

There could have been a power outage or you might have manually rebooted it for software reasons.

If the flashing blue light continues for a long time, your doorbell might be stuck in a boot loop due to a glitch.

To solve this, we suggest reaching out to Ring support. They may be able to assist you from their end.

Spinning Blue Light

Trouble connecting your Ring Doorbell? Look out for the spinning blue light. It’s a sign that your device is struggling to pair with your network. Weak Wi-Fi or router problems could be to blame.

Ring Light Flashes four Times

Great news! If your Ring light flashes four times, you’ve found the perfect solution to your problem. Congratulations on successfully setting up your Ring doorbell. No need to worry if your Ring flashes blue four times, it’s just confirming that the setup was a success. Enjoy peace of mind with your amazing new Ring doorbell.

Flashing Rapidly and Turns White

Get peace of mind knowing your Ring Doorbell is connected to your network with a simple blue light. When it starts flashing rapidly and turns white, you’re good to go! Once the light turns off, your device is ready to use. Just double-check that your doorbell is functioning properly. Need assistance? Contact our customer support team.

When you’re charging your Ring Doorbell, keep an eye on the indicator light. Normally, a flashing blue light means everything is working fine. However, it could also signify overheating or connection issues. Catch any unusual behavior with the blue light early on to prevent bigger problems down the line.

Top Half of Your Ring Doorbell is Flashing Blue

When the top half of your Ring doorbell is flashing blue, it can be due to two reasons.

Firstly, it might indicate an incorrect password input by you or your guests. In that case, a simple retry will do the trick.

Alternatively, this flashing pattern could mean that your Ring doorbell is currently charging. If your doorbell is hardwired, it may have drained its power from excessive usage and needs some time to recharge.

Blue Light Moves Upwards

Connect to WiFi with a flash of blue light! The Ring Doorbell setup is a breeze as the blue light moves upwards to indicate a successful connection.

Flashing Blue Randomly

Is your Ring doorbell flashing blue randomly? It’s a sign that your Ring light is in trouble and needs to be charged!

Keep in mind that Ring devices run on batteries, and just like any battery-operated device, they can lose their charge. This is especially true if your doorbell isn’t hardwired.

To maximize your battery life, we strongly suggest hardwiring your Ring doorbell.

How to Fix Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue While Charging?

Is your device still emitting a bothersome blue flickering light? Don’t fret! We’ll walk you through all the potential causes and how to fix each one.

But first, try a simple restart to rule out any temporary glitches.

If that doesn’t do the trick, don’t worry. We’ve got a series of easy steps to help you pinpoint and hopefully resolve the problem.

1. Charging Your Device to Full Capacity

Don’t jump to conclusions about a technical issue with your Ring Doorbell. Before troubleshooting, give it ample time to charge. The battery may take longer to fully charge than expected, especially if it’s very low. It’s essential to be patient and allow the device several hours to charge without interruption.

To ensure a proper charge, give your Ring Doorbell at least 8 hours before checking the app’s battery level. This should give the device enough time to complete its charge and stop the blinking blue light.

2. Checking Your Internet Connection

Ensure the smooth functioning of your Ring Doorbell by checking its internet connection. Don’t let distance be a hindrance – a Ring device installed far from your router can cause problems and flashing blue lights.

With just a few taps on the Ring app installed on your smartphone, you can easily check your internet connection. Make sure your connection is up and running flawlessly.

For more troubleshooting steps and insights on fixing WiFi issues with your Ring Doorbell, check out this helpful article.

3. Reset Your Doorbell

Quickly troubleshoot and fix bugs with your Ring Doorbell by restarting it.

If you’re experiencing a blue light flashing when it shouldn’t, resetting your Ring Doorbell to its factory settings can resolve the issue.

4. Ensure Your Doorbell Is Up-to-date

Is your Ring Doorbell flashing in blue? You might have an ongoing update! Your device is automatically updated with the latest firmware from the manufacturers.
Easily update your doorbell without inconvenience. During a firmware update, you won’t even notice a thing, even if it happens at night. Let your doorbell do its thing and simply wait a few hours. If you see a blinking blue light, rest assured that everything is in order and your Ring Doorbell is functioning perfectly.

5. Check the Temperature

Is your Ring Doorbell experiencing battery issues in cooler temperatures? This is especially common in regions with severe winters, where temperatures frequently drop below freezing. In these circumstances, the battery may not function properly, causing the blue light to flash continuously.

To remedy this, bring the Ring Doorbell into a warm space and allow it to warm up before attempting to charge it again. Alternatively, try charging the device indoors in a warm environment instead of outdoors in chilly weather.

6. Contacting Ring’s Customer Support

Have trouble with a Ring Doorbell flashing a blue light? It could be a problem with the wiring, battery, or LED lights. Don’t fret! Contacting Ring’s customer support is the solution to fix internal issues and keep your warranty intact.

What Does the Blue Light on the Ring Chime Mean?

Get instant updates on your Ring Chime with the blue light! Solid blue guarantees flawless performance, while no light signifies a power issue. Keep an eye out for a blinking blue light, as it indicates an alternative problem.

4 Reasons Why the Blue Light is Flashing:

  • Device setup is in progress.
  • Device rebooting.
  • Device reconnecting to WiFi.
  • Automatic update installation.