What Does the Red and White Light on the Arlo Doorbell Mean?

The Arlo doorbell, which had been functioning flawlessly for months, suddenly began flashing red and white. Perplexed by this issue, I took it upon myself to delve into its cause. Through extensive research and troubleshooting, I managed to uncover the potential reasons behind this perplexing behavior.

Discover the common causes behind your Arlo Doorbell flashing white and red, along with effective solutions to get it back on track.

Why is my Arlo Doorbell Flashing White and Red?

If your Arlo Video Doorbell is flashing red and white, it indicates an insufficient power supply. The video doorbell offers a convenient way to monitor your front porch, even while you’re away.

Before troubleshooting, ensure that you have a functioning internet connection. Open a web browser on a computer with internet access to confirm. If your internet connection is working, attempt power cycling the CPI equipment. If these steps are unsuccessful, consider exploring additional helpful videos on Willow’s World of DIY.

What are the Detailed Meanings of LED Indicator Lights Before and After Setup?

Led indicator lights before setup:

If you see a solid amber or red light on your Doorbell, it indicates that there is insufficient power. To ensure that your doorbell receives the proper 16-24V AC, it is recommended to consult a professional electrician.

If there is not enough voltage or the temperature is too low, your Doorbell may not function properly. It may take up to 13 minutes for the battery to warm up or for the internal battery to charge.

When the Doorbell displays a white light, it means that someone has pressed it, and it is ready to connect to a Wi-Fi network or a Hub.

Flashing Amber: Wi-Fi connection issue encountered during Doorbell discovery. QR Code scanning may also result in errors.
Solid white: Doorbell ready for setup, functioning correctly.

Led indicator lights after setup:

Motion Detected: Slow Breathing (White)
Call Connected: Solid White
Call Ended: Fading White

How Can You Fix the Arlo Doorbell Flashing White and Red?

Here is how to fix the Arlo Video Doorbell flashing white and red:

1. Checking the Arlo app

To identify the root cause of the issue, begin by accessing the Arlo app and reviewing any error messages that may have been received. This approach will enable us to address the device problem directly and efficiently. In the absence of any notifications, please proceed to the subsequent steps provided to resolve the issue.

2. Replace your battery

Is your doorbell rapidly blinking red? This could be a sign that the battery inside is on its last legs. To ensure uninterrupted functionality, it’s important to replace the battery promptly.

3. Resetting your Arlo Doorbell

Resetting a doorbell is a simple and easy task, as long as you know the model and make of your doorbell. In most cases, just press and hold the reset button for 3-10 seconds and you’ll be good to go.

Locating the reset button is easy – it is typically found on the doorbell, near the battery or base area. If pressing it doesn’t solve the issue, simply power off the doorbell, wait for a minute, and power it back on. If the problem persists, refer to the instruction manual provided with your doorbell for detailed reset instructions.

4. Change Wi-Fi frequency

One common error often encountered is related to the frequency of your Wi-Fi radio signal. While most smart home devices connect on a 2.4GHZ frequency, cell phones are designed to connect to a 5.0GHZ frequency. The 5.0 frequency provides a stronger signal, but the 2.4GHZ frequency has a longer range, making it the preferred choice for smart home devices.

5. Moving your Router closer to the Doorbell

Don’t let a weak Wi-Fi signal hinder your doorbell’s performance. If your router is too far from the doorbell, you may experience signal issues, leading to slow network and communication problems with the Smart Hub and user notifications.

To ensure seamless connectivity, keep your router within a maximum distance of 30 feet from the doorbell and HomeBase. By doing so, you’ll enjoy a reliable and uninterrupted connection throughout your home. Take control of your doorbell’s performance today.


The Arlo Doorbell is signaling a problem with a flashing red and white light. If you see this, you will need to troubleshoot the issue. The main causes are usually low battery or lack of internet connection.