Why Is My Aiwit Doorbell Not Recording?

Aiwit Video Doorbell
Aiwit Doorbell

The Aiwit doorbell may encounter a problem, in that it cannot record videos or events. This difficulty may arise due to a poor Wi-Fi connection. If a cloud storage subscription expires, the doorbell cannot store footage on the app. Aiwit provides temporary free cloud storage but after the trial period, a subscription is needed to save videos.

Why Your Aiwit Doorbell Isn’t Recording?

Here are the possible reasons why your Aiwit doorbell is not recording:

1. Poor Wireless Connection

Insufficient WiFi signal can result in incorrect passwords and failure to connect to the internet, especially for devices like the Aiwit doorbell that are often installed far from the router. The Aiwit doorbell may encounter reception issues and signal blockages, leading to poor connectivity.

2. Wiring or Battery Issues

Ensure your doorbell operates seamlessly by implementing these steps. Firstly, routinely check the battery level of your doorbell to prevent a system shutdown due to insufficient power. If power is not the issue, a fault within the wiring or circuitry may be present. In this case, enlist the help of a professional for repair.

3. Device malfunction

Dirt, dust, or water may obstruct your Aiwit doorbell camera lens, triggering device malfunction.

4. Expired Subscription

Your Aiwit doorbell may not be recorded due to an expired cloud storage subscription. Aiwit provides a limited time of free cloud storage, but once the trial ends, a subscription must be purchased to save recorded videos. Secure your recordings and upgrade your subscription now.

5. Insufficient Storage Capacity

Awit doorbell has limited storage capacity, and if it becomes full, the device will stop recording videos. This problem can arise when there are too many recorded videos on the device that have not been deleted, or the device’s storage capacity is insufficient to accommodate the recordings.

6. Outdated Firmware

One of the main reasons why the Awit doorbell may not be recording is due to outdated firmware. Firmware is the software that runs on the device, and when it becomes outdated, it can lead to crucial impairments in the functionality of the device, including the inability to record videos.

7. Faulty Doorbell Button

Another critical factor that can cause the Awit doorbell to not record is an unresponsive doorbell button. The doorbell button serves as the trigger for recording, and if it is not working correctly, it can prevent the recording of videos. This may be due to the button becoming loose, dirty, or worn out.

How to Fix Aiwit Doorbell Not Recording?

If your Aiwit Doorbell isn’t recording, here are some simple steps to troubleshoot the issue.

1. Ensure Strong WiFi Connectivity

WiFi Connection

To ensure your internet connection is strong, there are a few easy methods to try. Firstly, use your smartphone – a strong mobile signal equates to a good internet connection. Secondly, type “internet speed test” into Google for another effective check. A third option involves checking your Wi-Fi connection by locating the Wi-Fi symbol at the top of your screen. Four bars on the symbol indicate a strong signal. Lastly, ensure your Aiwit Doorbell is within the router range and that you are connected to the internet.

2. Restart your Aiwit Doorbell

If you’re experiencing issues with your Aiwit doorbell, a simple fix may be restarting it. All you need is a paper clip or pin to get started. Follow these straightforward steps to restart your doorbell:

  • Remove the doorbell from its mounting plate.
  • Locate the reset button at the back of the doorbell and press and hold it using the pin or paper clip.
  • Release the button once the light starts flashing.
  • Wait for the doorbell to restart.

By following these steps, you may be able to resolve any problems you’re experiencing with your Aiwit doorbell.

3. Update your Aiwit Doorbell App

If your Aiwit doorbell isn’t recording, one possible culprit is an outdated app or software. To solve this issue, simply check if your app is up to date. If it’s not, visit the play store or app store to update it. This quick fix will ensure your doorbell is always recording and keeping your home safe.

4. Replace Aiwit Doorbell Battery

If your Aiwit Doorbell is experiencing recording issues, you can easily fix the problem by following these simple steps. Use a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the screws located at the back of your device. Be careful while removing the back cover. Once you locate the battery, use a small pry tool to carefully remove the old one. Replace it with the new battery in the same location and ensure it is firmly secured in place with a pry tool. Put the back cover back in place and re-screw it tightly. Test your device to confirm if the issue has been resolved. Enjoy clear recording on your Aiwit Doorbell.

5. Check Power Issues

Ensure your Aiwit doorbell can connect to Wi-Fi by providing a sufficient power supply. Doorbells require a low voltage, with older models needing 8-20 volts and new models requiring 24 volts. If your doorbell isn’t receiving enough power, consider trying a different power source or adaptor. Don’t let a lack of power stand between you and your connected home.

6. Check Aiwit Doorbell Camera

Ensure your Aiwit doorbell camera is functioning correctly with these simple steps. Verify the device is powered on and connected and clear any obstructions on the lens.