Why Is My Blink Doorbell Flashing Red?

If your Blink Doorbell is flashing red, it could indicate an issue with installation or a disruption in your home’s WiFi connection. Double-check your installation and WiFi connection to resolve the issue.

Discover what the blinking red light on your Blink video doorbell signifies and learn how to resolve it effectively. Read on to enhance your understanding and take control of this common issue.

Are you seeing a flashing red light on your Blink doorbell and wondering what it means? It’s a sign that your camera is encountering connectivity issues with your Wi-Fi network. Rest assured, this problem is not uncommon and can be easily resolved with some troubleshooting steps.

If you spot a red light blinking on your Blink doorbell, it’s probably a sign of a low battery. Alternatively, a steady red light on your Blink security camera indicates no internet connectivity.

1. Faulty batteries

If your Blink doorbell’s red light is flashing, it may indicate faulty batteries. Although your doorbell will continue to function despite faulty batteries, prolonged use without replacement can create problems.

To change the batteries in your Blink doorbell, remove the back panel and old batteries. Insert new batteries correctly into the battery slots, close the back panel, and give it a test run by pressing the button on top.

2. Internet connectivity issues

Connectivity issues can often be traced back to weak internet signals. This could be due to the distance between the router and a WiFi-enabled device, causing disruptions in service, lag, and poor image quality. Should the internet fail, error messages will be displayed, rendering the device unusable.

3. When motion is detected

The Blink doorbell cameras equipped with motion detection are designed to display red indication lights when movement is detected. You have the option to turn this feature on or off according to your preferences. While some may find it useful to confirm the proper functioning of their cameras, others may prefer a discreet operation, especially during nighttime use.

4. Defective configuration

To prevent erratic light flashing in your Blink doorbell camera, it is recommended to reconfigure the device. The process involves deleting and resetting it again, which can be easily done. Simply ensure that the Blink app and your phone are up-to-date and connected to the internet. If the issue persists, do not hesitate to seek assistance from our reliable customer support team.

Blink Doorbell
Blink Doorbell

Learn how to troubleshoot a blinking red Blink doorbell in just a few simple steps.

1. Check network connectivity

To resolve the issue of a red, blinking light on your Blink camera placed outdoors, start by checking your internet connection. This light blinks to signal a lack of internet connectivity.

2. Verifying router functionality

To resolve connectivity issues, begin by confirming that your router is operational. You can verify this by logging in to your internet provider and running a diagnostic test to assess your speeds. If there are no issues, proceed with resetting your devices.

Follow these steps in order for a successful reset:

  • Remove Blink Doorbell batteries
  • Power down the router and modem
  • Wait for 15 seconds
  • Power up the modem
  • Power up the router
  • Reinsert Blink Doorbell batteries.

Take these steps to ensure that your devices are functioning properly and that you are connected to the internet.

3. Troubleshooting faulty network equipment

Even the best technology can fail, and this is especially true with routers and modems. While some people choose to rent these devices from their internet provider, others prefer to purchase their own. However, if you are renting your router and modem, you may not be getting top-of-the-line equipment.

If you’re experiencing multiple internet connection issues despite resetting your devices, you may find that your Blink Doorbell and other smart devices are no longer functioning properly. In this case, it’s best to contact your internet provider and describe the situation. They can troubleshoot the issue and most likely replace the equipment or send out a technician to assist you.

As the owner of your equipment, don’t panic if it fails – start by checking its warranty. Most routers and modems have a 12-month warranty for defects. If your warranty has expired, it may be time to consider investing in new equipment.

4. Replace faulty batteries

Blink Doorbell Batteries
Replace batteries

In order to proceed, you must remove the camera’s cover by unscrewing two screws located on the backside of the doorbell camera. After removing and setting aside the screws, pull the cover off of the camera.

Within the camera, locate the three battery slots: two on top and one on the bottom. Swap out any old or deceased batteries with brand new ones, then reattach the cover.

5. Check motion detection

Motion Detection

When motion is detected by your Blink camera, it may emit quick red flashes. Don’t worry, as this is a perfectly normal indication of proper operation. However, if the flashing persists after the motion has ceased, it is advisable to check for network connection issues or low battery.

6. Ask for help

If your Blink camera is still flashing red after completing all troubleshooting steps, reach out to Blink’s customer service team by phone or email for further assistance. They’re here to help.