Why Is My Nest Doorbell Not Charging?

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As an avid user of smart home devices, I was dismayed when my newly purchased Nest doorbell suddenly stopped charging after just a few weeks of use. Despite attempting to troubleshoot the problem on my own, I was unable to resolve the issue, leaving me frustrated at the unexpected malfunction of an otherwise impressive piece of technology.

After researching solutions online, I discovered a few common reasons for charging problems with Nest doorbells and potential fixes. In this article, I’ll share the solutions I tried, the ultimate resolution of my problem, and recommendations for others who encounter similar issues with their Nest doorbell to get this useful home security device back in working order as quickly and easily as possible.

What are the reasons for Nest Doorbell not charging?

A systematic troubleshooting process is recommended to diagnose any charging issues with your Google Nest doorbell. Some potential culprits could include a degraded battery, a malfunctioning charger cable, faulty wiring connections, or out-of-date device software. By methodically testing each component and updating to the latest firmware, you can work to isolate and resolve the underlying cause of your doorbell’s lack of charging, ensuring it is ready to monitor your entryway and capture important moments or visitors. A careful, step-by-step approach is key to restoring your smart home device to full working order.

How to fix your Nest Doorbell not charging?

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Explore these effective remedies to revive your Nest doorbell that’s not charging.

1. Ensuring adequate power delivery

If your Nest doorbell isn’t charging, the first step is to ensure that it’s receiving enough power. Double-check that it’s properly connected to the power outlet. Without a secure connection, the doorbell won’t charge at full capacity.

It’s a good idea to test the outlet by plugging in another working device, like a lamp. If the lamp isn’t working with that outlet, it’s likely a power supply issue that’s preventing your doorbell from charging.

In that case, try charging your Nest doorbell using a different power source to see if it’s charging correctly. Don’t let a faulty power supply hold you back from enjoying the full functionality of your smart doorbell.

2. Resetting Nest Doorbell

Resetting your Google Nest doorbell may be necessary if it’s not functioning properly. Keep in mind that this process will erase all current settings and requires Wi-Fi reconnection during setup. Remember, your Google Nest doorbell won’t automatically reconnect after resetting.

3. Checking the wiring and power source

Ensure your doorbell is functioning properly by checking its wiring and power source. Be sure to inspect the power cable for any signs of damage, such as twists or pinches. If a fault is found, replace the cable with a new, high-quality one to keep your Nest doorbell running smoothly.

4. Upgrade your firmware

Solve your charging issues and more with a simple firmware update. Upgrade your Google Nest doorbell in just a few easy steps on the Nest app.

5. Check your house circuit breaker

Circuit Breaker

Is your circuit breaker tripped? Your house wiring may be experiencing a short circuit. Check to see if the breaker has turned off and turn it back on if necessary. Next, ensure your doorbell is charging and let it fully recharge. Stay on top of your home’s electrical system with these simple steps.

6. Check weather and temperature

Attention all Nest Doorbell and camera owners: Google has revealed that in freezing temperatures, your device’s battery won’t charge. To ensure peak performance, be mindful of the minimum operating and charging temperatures required: -4°F (-20°C) and 32°F (0°C), respectively. Don’t let the cold weather drain your Nest’s battery – stay informed and keep your device charged.

Is your device’s battery not charging or running low? Warm it up by bringing it inside your home, as recommended by Google. Nest users can easily check on the status of their battery through the Google Home app, which will display a message indicating “Charging is paused” or “Charging slowly” if the battery is too cold.

7. Contact for help

Can’t get your Nest doorbell to charge? Don’t fret! Reach out to Google Nest customer support for further assistance. They can offer additional solutions or even replace your doorbell if it’s still under warranty. Get in touch now!

Steps to Verify the Charging Status of Your Google Nest Doorbell:

“Is your Nest doorbell low on battery? Look out for the red light on the front, which means it’s charging. And if you want to keep tabs on the battery level, simply access the battery section in the Nest app.”


As a homeowner, it can be difficult to troubleshoot technology problems – especially those related to your Nest Doorbell. However, with a bit of patience and guidance, such as the tips listed above, you should be able to figure out why your Nest Doorbell is not charging. Remember to find the source of the problem first before attempting to fix it. Try plugging it into different outlets and checking the battery life if possible. Keep in mind that if these solutions don’t work, then you may have a more significant issue on your hands and should contact an expert for further assistance.

Expertly troubleshooting technology issues like this can take time and practice but is an invaluable investment for providing maximum security for your home.