Why Is My Ring Doorbell Not Ringing The Mechanical Chime?

Ring Mechanical Chime

Is your ring doorbell failing to activate your mechanical chime? Don’t panic just yet. Although Wi-Fi and cloud server connectivity issues may be possible causes, hardware problems, power disruptions, incorrect ring app settings, and depleted batteries are unlikely culprits. Before resorting to extreme measures, try a few routine inspections to troubleshoot and tackle the problem.

In this article, we will explore the reasons why your Ring Doorbell mechanical chime may not be functioning properly. Moreover, we will discuss a variety of solutions to help you regain use of this device quickly and easily.

Why is my Ring Doorbell Chime not working?

Ring Doorbells are a highly sought-after home security solution. A mechanical chime that fails to ring may be caused by incorrect wiring, corroded or damaged wires, or a lack of proper settings. If all components are correctly wired, configured, and set up in the Ring app, a simple restart of the Ring Doorbell may solve the problem.

Reasons Ring Doorbell not ringing the Mechanical Chime

Here are some possible Causes for Your Ring Doorbell Not Ringing Your Mechanical Chime:

1. When your Ring Doorbell is incompatible with the Chime

Ensure compatibility between your Ring Doorbell and chime kit by selecting the appropriate one for your battery-powered model. An incompatible chime kit will not function correctly, so it is crucial to choose one that is made to work with your specific device.

2. Power issues

Ensure your Ring Chime has the necessary power with a Ring Doorbell Transformer. If your doorbell and chime are compatible, it is crucial for them to receive adequate power. The Ring Doorbell Pro, for example, requires a minimum of 16 volts AC to function correctly.

3. Wi-Fi connection problems

Wi-Fi connection problems

Having trouble hearing your Ring Doorbell chime? It might be due to a weak Wi-Fi connection. Your device could be disconnected from the network, preventing it from communicating with your smartphone. Keep in mind that a stable Wi-Fi connection is crucial for all Ring devices to function properly.

4. Incorrect Ring App settings

By properly setting up the Ring app, you can ensure that your doorbell and chime work seamlessly together. If you’re having trouble hearing your mechanical doorbell when it’s pressed, it’s likely due to incorrect app settings. Be sure to check that your ringtone volume and other settings match for optimal functionality.

5. Ring Doorbell Battery issues

Ensure your Ring Doorbell can ring inside with a functioning chime kit. A low or dead battery can prevent ringing and chime notifications from your Ring Doorbell, both inside and outside.

6. Ring Device Wiring issue

Ensure your Ring Doorbell chimes inside by correctly wiring it. Simple mistakes during installation can result in no chime. Follow Ring’s instructions precisely when wiring your device to an existing internal doorbell. When installing a chime kit, use the instructions included with your compatible kit to avoid errors. Get it right the first time with careful installation.

How to Troubleshoot Your Ring Doorbell Not Ringing Your Mechanical Chime?

Learn how to solve the issue of your Ring doorbell not ringing your mechanical chime. Follow these simple steps to fix the problem:

1. Checking Power Supply for Ring Chime

To troubleshoot a non-operational mechanical chime on your Ring Doorbell, start by assessing the power supply. Begin by confirming that the power adapter is securely plugged into a functioning outlet and that the link between the Ring Doorbell and the power adapter is stable. Additionally, if you have a battery-powered Ring Doorbell, ensure that the battery is fully charged.

2. Compatibility of Ring Doorbell with Mechanical Chime

Before purchasing a chime for your smart doorbell, it’s important to ensure compatibility with your Ring Doorbell. Not all chimes function with every doorbell, so be sure to confirm compatibility to avoid any inconveniences.

3. Proper Installation of the Ring Doorbell Module

Ensure that the module provided with your Ring doorbell has been correctly installed in your mechanical chime to enable the doorbell to control it. The inaccurate installation will result in an ineffective system.

4. Setting up Ring App

To ensure seamless functionality between your Ring doorbell and chime, it’s crucial to confirm that your app settings are configured correctly. Follow these simple steps to verify the Ring app settings: open the Ring App, select your doorbell, go to Device Settings, and access General Settings. Once there, choose the Doorbell chime type and ensure that ‘Mechanical’ is selected as the option and ‘Ring my in-home doorbell’ is enabled. Don’t let a simple mismatch disrupt your home security – take a moment to verify your Ring chime settings today.

5. Check your Ring Doorbell Wiring

To ensure your system’s smooth functioning, the power supply, and wiring requires the necessary attention. Start by checking the power supply. If it’s working okay, proceed to examine the wiring. Prioritize checking that all the wiring connections are stable and secure. If there’s any wire that’s not appropriately attached or has come undone, reattach it securely to troubleshoot the issue.

6. Replacing the Transformer of Your Ring Doorbell

If your Ring Doorbell is not ringing, it could be due to a faulty transformer. Thankfully, numerous services specialize in repairing and replacing components for Ring Video Doorbells. Contact them to get your device up and running in no time.

7. Replacing or Recharging the Doorbell Battery

Recharge Ring Doorbell

Resolve low-power issues with your Ring Doorbell by replacing the battery or charging it. Simply refer to the owner’s manual and follow the instructions to ensure your smart device rings smoothly.

8. Resetting your Ring Doorbell

If your Ring Doorbell is not functioning despite a thorough inspection of the power supply, wiring, transformer, and battery, a reset may be necessary. Simply press and hold the orange button at the back of the device for 15 seconds. After release, your Ring Doorbell will reboot, resetting its connection with the router. Get your Ring Doorbell back in working order with this simple solution.

9. Resetting your Mechanical Chime

Has your Ring Doorbell failed to ring your chime despite following all troubleshooting procedures? A simple solution may be resetting your mechanical chime. To do so, ensure your Ring Chime is obtaining adequate power from its plug point. Upon locating the pinhole on its side, insert a paperclip and hold down the reset button for 20 seconds. After release, notice the light flashing quickly to confirm your chime has been reset.

10. Contacting Ring Customer Service for Assistance

Get assistance from Ring’s global customer support team on their specified working hours. Reach out to the customer service executives via phone or website chat.