Why Is Ring Doorbell Ringing By Itself?

Ring Doorbell

In the event that your Ring Doorbell is ringing on its own, it is necessary to amend either the wiring, sensors, or operating frequency of the device. It is possible for a false reading to activate the device if there is a problem with any of these components.

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Ring Doorbell Ringing by itself

Discover the causes of a ringing doorbell – from faulty sensors to wiring problems and frequency changes. If your doorbell is wired, it could even ring on its own when improperly installed or wired incorrectly.

Wireless doorbells offer convenient alternatives to wired doorbells but beware of potential frequency crashes. Meanwhile, wired doorbells may have issues with sticking buttons and wire shots.

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How to fix Ring Doorbell Ringing by itself?

Solving the problem at hand involves a complex array of components. However, you can take some troubleshooting steps on your own. Here are a few essential things to keep in mind.

1. Fixing the Stuck Button

Is your doorbell sticking? Don’t worry, it’s a common problem that can be easily fixed. Simply pull the button to prevent it from making contact with the sensor and your bell will work perfectly. If it keeps happening frequently, some maintenance may be required. The issue occurs when the button fails to pop back to its original position and remains in contact with the sensor, causing the bell to ring on its own.

Get Your Ring Doorbell Unstuck with These Simple Steps

Is your Ring Doorbell giving you trouble? No worries! With these easy-to-follow steps, you can unstick that problematic button in no time:

Step 1: Remove the doorbell and open up the device.
Step 2: Clean the interior with wipes to get rid of any dust or debris.
Step 3: Look for any bug nests and remove them.
Step 4: Give the button’s insides a good spray with a lubricant like WD-40.

Make sure your doorbell is working properly by testing the button a few times. This will prevent any false alerts and random ringing.

2. Changing the Frequency

Wireless doorbells can sometimes run into issues with frequency, but understanding how they work can help you solve the problem. Without wires connecting them, you might wonder how the doorbell knows when to ring. It’s actually quite straightforward: when someone presses the button, it sends a signal that the receiver catches, triggering the bell to ring. However, if you’re experiencing frequency issues, there are solutions to troubleshoot the problem.

Tired of your neighbor’s gate triggering your Ring Doorbell? Don’t fret – changing the frequency is a breeze! Simply head to the device settings and locate the Privacy Code feature. From there, you can select the exact frequency you desire.

If changing the frequency to your preferred level doesn’t do the trick, don’t worry – simply try again with another frequency until you’ve solved the issue.

3. Check the Wiring

Tips for Fixing Faulty Wiring:

  • Verify the transformer’s voltage
  • Use the correct wire gauge when wiring a doorbell
  • Double-check connections for external power kits or Chime Kit
  • Look for physical evidence of wire burn or fraying if you notice a burning smell

4. Reset the Doorbell

Resetting your doorbell can fix software errors or loops, which may be the cause of any issues you’re experiencing with its functionality. Give it a try to ensure it’s operating smoothly.

Reset your Ring device easily by removing the device from its holder/bracket with a screwdriver. Then, press and hold the orange setup button for 10 seconds until the doorbell lights stop flashing. Your device is now fully reset and ready to use again.

5. Remove or Replace the Battery

Is your Ring doorbell acting up? Before taking drastic measures, try removing and replacing the battery to see if that fixes the problem. Here’s how:

Ring Battery
Ring Battery
  1. Use the provided screwdriver to remove the security screw at the bottom of your Ring device.
  2. Slide off the faceplate.
  3. Push the tab on the battery and slide it out.
  4. Wait one minute.
  5. Replace the battery, faceplate, and security screw.
  6. Test your doorbell to see if the issue has been resolved.

Keep your Ring device running smoothly with this quick and easy battery fix.


As is evident, it is necessary to take the appropriate and prompt steps of troubleshooting if your Ring Doorbell is ringing by itself. Consider running a voltage test to assess any potential short circuits due to faulty wiring, a wireless connectivity inspection for any loose or cut sensor cords, and a quick verification of the device’s operating frequency. Additionally, you will want to access your app security settings to ensure that no unknown devices have been connected or disruptive activity has occurred.

If the Ring Doorbell troubleshooting steps provided were unsuccessful in resolving your issue, do not hesitate to reach out to Ring’s support team for assistance.