Why Won’t My Eufy Doorbell Detect Motion?

When the Eufy doorbell is correctly in place and connected to the Security App, you can expect regular motion alerts straight from your phone. If these notifications don’t seem to be coming through as expected, there may be a technical issue at play. Learn how to address any possible issues here for seamless protection!

What are the reasons for Eufy doorbell not detecting motion?

Our team has identified some potential hiccups with your Eufy doorbell camera – we know how important it is to have a reliable system and are ready to help you find an effective solution.

1. WiFi connection problems

To ensure peace of mind and convenience, equip your doorbell with a WiFi connection. You’ll receive instant notifications when visitors arrive and detect motion right away.

2. Motion sensitivity issues

To ensure your Eufy Doorbell Camera is working optimally, consider customizing the motion sensitivity or resetting it. If you don’t need constant updates on movement around your property, turning off motion alerts can be a great option as well.

3. Weak and dead battery

Is your Eufy doorbell camera as helpful with detecting motion as it used to be? If not, there’s a good chance that its battery has drained and needs to be recharged. To get back on top of things and maximize the benefit you receive from this device, try giving it some juice!

4. Disabled push notifications

The Eufy doorbell camera can detect motion and alert you, however, this feature needs to be activated in the app for notifications. Ensure those alerts are enabled so that any movement at your doorstep does not go unnoticed!

5. Routers setting issue

To ensure your Eufy Doorbell Camera is up and running, you may need to reset the router. Log in to its web page and restore or factory default all settings before rebooting it. Additionally, verify that necessary ports are open so there’s no interference with access camera data.

6. Disabled motion detection and inactive subscription

With motion detection mode enabled and an active subscription, you are always in the know when it comes to activity around your property. For ultimate peace of mind, receive timely alerts as soon as any movement is detected.

Eufy Doorbell Troubleshooting Guide: Resolving Motion Detection Issues

1. Charge or replace your battery

Get the most out of your Eufy doorbell camera with a charged battery—otherwise, it won’t be able to detect motion! If you’re not getting any alerts on your phone after installing it, check that its power is topped up for optimal detection.

Follow our quick and simple guide to charge your Euyfy doorbell battery:

  • remove the bell from its wall-mounted stand with just a peek through the pinhole!
  • simply plug the included USB cable into an outlet on the back of it.
  • To top off the power recharge, plug into any wall outlet and charge that battery up!

2. Enable motion detection settings on your smartphone

To ensure that you’re always aware of activity around your home, the Eufy doorbell camera offers motion detection capabilities. Simply enable this feature to be notified when somebody passes by!

Follow our quick and simple guide to enable motion detection on your smartphone:

  • Open the Eufy application on your phone and go to settings.
  • Access the navigation bar on your right to view more options.
  • select My Devices.
  • then tap on Select Camera for further customization.
  • Enable Motion Detection, then initiate the process to get started.

3. Ensure the sensitivity is properly adjusted

If your Eufy doorbell camera isn’t picking up movement after you’ve enabled motion detection, ensure the sensitivity is properly adjusted.

Although your doorbell camera motion detection is turned on, the device may still fail to detect motion if its motion sensitivity is low. Once you increase the motion sensitivity, it should start detecting motion.

Follow these steps to increase the motion sensitivity of the Eufy doorbell:

  • tap on our Homepage’s Menu icon.
  • Tap ‘My Devices’ to quickly access the necessary information and stay in sync!
  • Having chosen Select Camera from your options, make sure to visit the Camera Settings menu.
  • To customize your Eufy doorbell experience and fine-tune its motion sensitivity, take advantage of the Sensor Sensitivity feature.

4. Activate push notifications

Keep your home secure with the Eufy app’s motion-detecting notifications! Activating this feature will alert you to any unexpected activity, giving you peace of mind.

To ensure you never miss a moment when away from your Eufy doorbell camera, head over to the app and make sure that ‘Push Notifications’ are activated. That way, you’ll stay up-to-date.

clicking the Security tab located on your Eufy app Homepage.
Easily choose your Eufy doorbell from the extensive selection of devices.
Access Home/Away Settings with just one tap!
Enable real-time updates on the app by activating push notifications with a few easy clicks.

5. Connect Eufy doorbell to WiFi

If your Eufy video doorbell camera isn’t detecting motion, try adjusting the Wi-Fi bands or making sure signal strength is strong to improve performance.

If you’re experiencing connection issues with your camera, it could be due to the frequency band being used. Try switching up the settings and relocating your router – either closer or further from the camera – to get a stronger signal than before!

6. Checking for firmware updates

Keep your Eufy Video Doorbell Camera up-to-date by checking for firmware updates within the app. Simply open it and select the camera you wish to update, then click “Check for Firmware Update.” If a new version is available, you’ll be able to install it right away; otherwise, you will automatically proceed directly to the device’s main settings page!

7. Adjust Eufy doorbell location

To ensure that your Eufy doorbell camera is functioning optimally, keep in mind its 8m motion detection range. Anything happening within this area can be detected by the camera for a reliable security system.

Solving this problem is easy-peasy – just unmount your Eufy doorbell and move it to a place with more potential for motion detection in your home. Make sure you don’t put the device farther than 8 feet away from where people usually pass by.

8. Reseting Eufy doorbell

If your Eufy video doorbell camera isn’t picking up movement, give it a reset with the quick press of one button. Hold down the Sync button for ten seconds and then release it to restart your device – this should get you back on track in no time!


Experiencing motion detection issues with your Eufy doorbell camera? Try out all of our suggested troubleshooting fixes and you should be up and running again in no time. Still, stuck? Reach out to Eufy customer service for more help!