Why Won’t My Eufy Doorbell Ringing On My Phone?

Eufy Doorbell

If you’re struggling with getting your Eufy doorbell to ring on your phone, know that you’re not alone. Among others, factors like faulty connections, incorrect settings, or damaged doorbells can cause this frustrating issue.

In this article, we’ll guide you through some possible causes and troubleshooting steps to get your Eufy doorbell ringing on your phone again without delay.

Why is my Eufy Doorbell ringing on my phone?

If you’re not receiving alerts from your Eufy Doorbell, your smartphone might not be connected to it properly. One potential culprit could be your Apple phone, which may not have enabled location services for the Eufy app. Another possibility is that the notifications aren’t coming through because you’re not connected to the Internet.

In addition to these issues, you may need to adjust the notification settings on your iPhone. Make sure that you’ve allowed notifications from the Eufy app and that all of the app’s notifications are enabled in your phone’s settings.

How to troubleshoot Eufy’s Doorbell not ringing on the phone?

Here is how to fix the Eufy Doorbell that is not ringing on the phone:

1. Check your internet connection

Internet Connection

If your Eufy doorbell isn’t ringing on your phone, start by verifying your Internet connection. Ensure that your Internet is functioning correctly and that the signal strength is sufficiently strong to maintain the connection between your doorbell and phone.

2. Turning on push notifications on the Eufy app

Optimize your experience with the Eufy app by turning on ‘Push Notifications’ to receive real-time notifications from your doorbell camera even when you’re not using the app. Stay connected with heightened security at all times.

Here is how to enable push notifications on your Eufu app:

  • Access the Eufy Security app and open it.
  • Navigate to the Devices tab and click the settings button.
  • Locate the doorbell settings and select it.
  • Select audio settings, and click on Chime Alert.
  • Enable Chime notifications by sliding the button to the right.

3. Adjusting the ringing volume

If you’re having trouble hearing the chime, try increasing the volume. You can do this by locating the volume button on the right side of the chime and adjusting the ringing volume.

4. Enable microphone permissions

To prevent audio issues while using Eufy Doorbell, it is essential to enable microphone permissions in its settings. Follow these simple steps to avoid any disruptions:

  • Start by opening the Eufy Security App
  • Select “App Permissions”
  • Enable microphone permissions
Eufy App Settings

By doing so, you can experience the full capabilities of your Eufy Doorbell without any issues.

5. Move your router closer to your doorbell

Enhance the connectivity of your doorbell and HomeBase by trying one simple solution – move your router closer. This will boost the signal strength, minimizing any connectivity problems that may occur. Sharper connection, smoother experience!

6. Restart your Eufy Doorbell

In the event that your Eufy doorbell is not notifying your phone, a simple restart may be the solution. Here’s how to effectively restart your Eufy doorbell:

  • Access the Eufy Security app on your smartphone.
  • Choose your doorbell and tap on “Settings”.
  • Scroll down and select the “Restart Device” option.

7. Ask for help

If you’ve exhausted all troubleshooting methods and your Eufy doorbell still fails to ring on your phone, it is recommended that you seek assistance from customer support. They are equipped to provide the necessary help to get your device working properly.

Wrapping up

Overall, we’ve looked at the potential causes of why won’t Eufy doorbell ringing on your phone. If you’ve troubleshot these potential issues and none of them helped, then you should get in contact with your product provider to obtain further technical support.

Hopefully, it won’t take too long before you have a fully functioning Eufy Doorbell that can keep you connected to your home’s surroundings at all times. It’s best to keep up regular maintenance on this device so as to ensure it remains operational at all times and can alert you when needed. With any luck, now you can understand better why your Eufy Doorbell isn’t ringing on your phone, and how to fix it going forward. Thanks for reading!