Why Won’t My Lorex Doorbell Connect To WiFi?

Lorex Doorbell

Lorex Wireless Doorbells are one of the top-selling smart home security cameras on the market, but their Wi-Fi connectivity may not always be reliable. If your doorbell won’t connect or maintain its connection to your network router, it could be due to several factors that we’ll cover in this post and provide helpful solutions for each. Wired cameras aren’t as popular now with more households turning towards wireless options due to the plethora of benefits they offer; however, if you’re experiencing any issues don’t hesitate – to read up on some common causes behind these problems so you can stay connected!

What are the reasons for Lorex Doorbell not connecting to WiFi?

1. Network Issues

Network Setting

Are you having trouble with your Lorex doorbell connection? It could be that it isn’t connected to a 2.4GHz signal–commonly caused by interference from items like baby monitors, cordless phones, and microwaves located close to the device. Double-check if there’s an available channel on your Wi-Fi router for the doorbell first; this can usually be done by accessing the “channels” or “frequency bands” section in router settings. If other devices are already using up all of these channels, try changing them or moving household electronics away from the device before disabling those gadgets temporarily as a last-resort solution!

2. Outdated Lorex app

Is your Lorex doorbell having trouble staying connected to Wi-Fi? It might be time for an app update – malfunctioning or outdated apps can cause connectivity issues.

3. When your Router is too far away from your Doorbell

Make sure to get a wireless doorbell with an extended range if you need it to reach multiple floors or thick walls. The further the distance from your router, the more challenges of reliable connection may arise – so plan accordingly for maximum coverage and connectivity!

4. When there is no battery

Is your camera disconnected from the Wi-Fi? Check to make sure it’s receiving power – that could be the root of any disconnection issues.

5. Hardware failure

Your camera could experience a disconnection due to hardware failure or technical issues. Faulty parts can be the cause, as well as incorrect calibration settings resulting in connection problems. Be sure to troubleshoot if you encounter this issue!

Troubleshoot your Lorex Doorbell not connecting to WiFi

Lorex Video Doorbell

Ensuring a smooth-running home security system requires taking the necessary steps to ensure WiFi connectivity. If you experience disruption with your Lorex doorbell camera, make sure that it is plugged in and powered on before confirming its proximity to your router by attempting a restart of both devices. Should this fail, contact the expert support team at Lorex for further assistance so they can help resolve any potential issues quickly and easily.

Reconnect your Doorbell to the Lorex home app

If you’re experiencing difficulty connecting your Lorex doorbell camera to Wi-Fi, take advantage of the security benefits offered by the Lorex home app and easily reconnect. This could be a quick solution for any connection issues!

Charge Lorex Doorbell Cameras battery

To ensure optimal performance, Lorex doorbell cameras need a fully-charged battery. If you’re experiencing issues connecting to WiFi due to low or weak power levels, the first step is giving your device some juice via its accompanying cord and plugging it into an external source of energy. If that doesn’t do the trick, try resetting it back to factory settings for a fresh start!

Check your wireless network

Wireless Network

To troubleshoot any issues you might be having with your doorbell, start by checking that it’s connected to the power source and in range of its required wireless network. If not, rebooting both the modem and router should do the trick. However, if that doesn’t work then a professional may need to step in as there could be an issue with your set-up – even resetting all settings back to their defaults is worth considering as a last resort!

Uninstall and reinstall the Lorex app

To access your Lorex Home camera, start by uninstalling the app and reinstalling it from either App Store or Google Play. Once you open up the application again, simply follow the directions to swiftly connect with your camera!

Factory reset your Lorex Camera

Let’s get your Lorex camera connected to WiFi! Start by performing a factory reset, which will wipe all data from the device – remember to back it up first. If this doesn’t work, there might be a software glitch causing trouble; simply reinstall the mobile app and you should have an operational camera in no time.

Resetting your network device

To reset your network device, simply unplug the power adapter from its outlet for one minute and then plug it back in. This simple process is known as a ‘power cycle’.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, connecting your Lorex Doorbell to an existing WiFi network isn’t rocket science. Contacting your router manufacturer and making sure that the router is compatible with your Wi-Fi device should be the first step in troubleshooting a non-connecting doorbell. Additionally, ensuring that you are entering the correct credentials into your internet connection portal during setup can also help decrease the troubleshooting time. Should you have any further questions about your Lorex Doorbell or would like guaranteed support for your product, the Lorex Support Team is always available to answer inquiries. With their help and this blog post’s tips, you will feel confident in no time– rest assured that you can get connected with ease!